Contact your MP: Brexit must include our full independence from EU control over defence

EU defence and security plans include the UK even after Brexit
Take part in the Bruges Group’s campaign to ask your MP for a full Brexit for defence.

Email your Member of Parliament to inform them about the Government committing the UK to be a part of the EU’s defence and security plans.
The EU is establishing what it calls an ‘EU Defence Union’, this includes the UK.
Since 23rd June 2016 the Government have included the UK in these military plans with no debate in the British Parliament. Leaving the EU must also include our full independence from the European Union’s interference in our defence, security and foreign policy. Anything less is a failure to respect the referendum result.

Click on the link below to question your Member of Parliament about the UK’s post-Brexit involvement in EU defence projects. And to demand that Britain’s armed forces and defence industry are free from the EU.
Click here to email your MP
This will send an email to your Member of Parliament to demand a full Brexit for defence
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  1. Simon BlanchardReply

    At last and not before time. This needs to properly debated.
    All this unconditional support of European national security and defence and integrating our Armed Forces into an emerging EU pan european Army is not good for maintaining an independent defence capability, able to respond to crises and UK foreign policy independently. All very unsettling and in the wrong direction according to the vote we had on June 23rd 2016.
    At the present rate there won’t be a UK Armed Forces to speak off that could respond without first asking the French permission or the EU to use their amphibious landing crafts, their frigates, their military staff, their etc etc. etc.. Wii there even be a point in having a UK foreign Office, if Mogherinis depeartment has control of what little remains of our “defence force”?

    Merging French and British forces together under one command structure? Where’s the democratic accountability for that? Where was the mandate from the public? Where was the debate in parliament to do that? Indeed where is the MANDATE for any government to merge, assimilate and integrate our Armed Forces into this EU Defence Union?

    I’ve heard politicians say there are no votes in defence. Really??? No this is a half truth. What they mean is there are no votes in EU Defence. There are no votes in merging and integrating our Armed Forces with foreign european forces and there’s no votes in cutting them to bone. No votes in leaving our defence with big gaps in our capability.

    The first duty of any government is the defence of the nation, which doesn’t mean to contract out defence or our capability. The UK should be looking to have it’s own foreign policy independent of Europe, independent of the EU, even independent of NATO. I mean will even NATO come to our defence if the Falklands kicks off again?

  2. Adam HileyReply

    the EU will try and achieve what the Kaiser and Adolf failed to do by force Britain must have no involvement in ungrateful Europes stupidity leave them to it

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