CIB congratulates the PM on our forthcoming departure from the EU

January 31st will be a truly historic day in UK history. While we at CIB are under no illusions that it is ‘job done’ (with the future relationship still to be negotiated and the Remain campaign set to reinvent itself as ‘Rejoin’), the UK will nevertheless formally leave the EU. This is a battle we have fought for over 50 years. As the UK’s longest-serving membership organisation dedicated to UK independence from the EU, we have written to the prime minister to congratulate him on his historic achievement.


Dear Prime Minister,

The members of this campaign join in supporting and congratulating you upon our country’s imminent departure from the European Union. We look forward to January 31st as the fulfilment of the aim for which we have striven since our foundation in 1969. We are the longest established, continuously active group dedicated to the return of sovereign democratic government – having recognised the inherent dangers of the European project to our laws and constitution since before the UK actually joined it.

Some of our senior members distinguished themselves by their opposition in the House to the European Communities Act 1972 and are delighted to see its repeal. It must be a great source of satisfaction to you to right that historic wrong.

We are a cross-party group with a wide range of views and it is gratifying that there is now such a strong public consensus and confidence for independence. We appreciate the strenuous tasks faced by the government in the the coming months – both to achieve an amicable, workmanlike, prosperous relationship with our European neighbours and to restore confidence in our Parliament and institutions after the delays and uncertainties of recent years.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Spalton