CIB congratulates Henry Bolton on his election as UKIP Leader

The Campaign for an Independent Britain wishes to congratulate Henry Bolton on his election as leader of the UK Independence Party.

In particular, we welcome Mr Bolton’s concerns over plans for a future security partnership between the UK and the EU after Brexit. We sought to highlight some serious flaws in the Government’s approach to defence issues several months ago and very much hope that, with Mr Bolton leading UKIP, we can work alongside him and his party as well as other concerned groups such as Veteran for Britain in ensuring that as far as our armed forces are concerned, Brexit truly will mean Brexit.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    hard to believe Mr Bolton was a Liberal Democrat and a officer in the Armed Forces now leader of UKIP someone needs to hold the LibLabCon to account for Years of Treachery & arrogance

  2. StevenReply

    Indeed, Adam. I find it hard to conceive of how someone can jump ship from the consistently (to be fair to them with regard to this issue) pro-EU Liberal Democrats to the very anti-EU UKIP within the space of just a few years because he was a member of the Liberal Democrats as recently as 2005!. UKIP has always been a mess as far as its ideology was concerned and that doesn’t look as if it has changed. They should have elected Ann Marie Walters who might have given them a bit of a new lease of life. Now, UKIP has effectively killed itself off so there is no-one to hold the Tories in particular to account. The blues must be feeling mightily relieved today as they now engineer a ‘soft’ pro-big business/globalist ‘Brexit’ with little chance of the public going against them.

    • StevenReply

      I suspect, Adam, they didn’t elect her because she is a lesbian. UKIP has often tried to attract the votes of those with less than progressive views on homosexuality even though it isn’t an issue for the vast majority of people nowdays even ‘Right-wing’ people. Apart from Brexit they aren’t known for anything else and their opinion poll ratings now and real poll results in ballot boxes (local by-elections) reflect that. There is no political space for a party with just one issue to their name and one that the Tories are attempting to make look as if they are dealing with. UKIP is effectively finished as of today.

      • StevenReply

        For those who call her ‘obssesed’ about race. That is wrong. She is concerned about Islamification and extremist Islam which IS a concern of many and must be a particular concern of hers being a lesbian. Adam, apparently Henry Bolton used to also work for the EU Commission in Brussels! Some anti-EU credentials there! UKIP is finished so there is no point in discussing them any further.

  3. George FeeReply

    I am back in the UKIP fold now that Henry Bolton is OIC . An ex-British Army Officer is good enough for me, and as an ex-RAF boy myself from 1960 I have learned that civvy street politicians are generally clueless and live in a different world to ex-servicemen. CIB will I am sure, give him good support.

  4. Ian ProctorReply

    Our UKIP branch elected an ex Lib Dem as our candidate, and his election vote was one of our best in the country. We had complete trust in his integrity, just as we now have in Henry Bolton.
    If the race-obsessed candidate had been elected it would be the end of our party, and as well as damaging the Brexit cause.
    The CIB’s welcome to Mr. Bolton is much appreciated.

    • John Petley
      John PetleyReply

      Thank you, sir. It is a fact that some people do change their minds on political issues. Sir Keith Joseph, who was very closely associated with the Thatcher revolution in the 1970s famously said “It was only in April 1974 that I was converted to Conservatism. (I had thought I was a Conservative but I now see that I was not really one at all.)” – and the man was a government minister at the time!

      How many of us independence campaigners can point to a “Damascus Road” experience when our eyes were opened to the evils of the EU? Were it not for someone handing me a print-out of an article about the underhand methods of the CIA in pushing us towards EU membership by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in 2001, I wonder how I would have voted last year or whether I would have given so much time to the campaign. Of course, some people discover the truth early on and stay firm in their convictions, but others, presumably including Henry Bolton as well as myself, take a bit longer to get there

  5. Colin HingstonReply

    I jumped ship from Labour to UKIP…in 2004! So I have no problem with HB’s
    former allegiance. Like me, he realised that other parties were selling our country down the river.

  6. Gordon WebsterReply

    Best of luck to him but, if Social Media is correct, there are a lot of UKIP members unhappy with his history, and his election. It would appear that a new Party (Affinity), with a lot of financial backing, is in embryo.

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