Veterans for Britain report: Chequers sacrifices British control over Armed Forces

A new briefing paper by Veterans for Britain has exposed the extent to which the government’s Chequers plan will sacrifice British control over our own armed forces.

The paper, authored by Professor Gwythian Prins, Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley CB DSO and Maj-Gen Julian Thompson CB, reveals how the UK government is planning to sign away our defence autonomy to the EU in exchange for proposed trade arrangements.

In effect, the Withdrawal Agreement and proposed Defence Treaty would keep the UK under EU power permanently – even after the end of the ‘transition period’. 

As well as the loss of autonomy involved, this will also risk fatally compromising our Five Eyes Intelligence alliance, and especially our bilateral US-UK intelligence relationship.

The Chequers plan keeps the UK signed up to EU defence and weapons development budgets. Veterans for Britain’s briefing paper reveals how the UK has reached such a perilous position, where we are close to giving away political control over large parts of defence decision-making to new EU structures. UK ministers have signed up to this position after and in spite of the referendum decision to leave the EU. Commitments handed over by ministers go beyond defence-industrial and into wider defence policy and even central financing.

Many other ex-commanders of British forces, as well as politicians and the former head of MI6 have raised their concerns about the contents of the paper.

A crucial intervention in The Times by ex-MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove plus military and academic figures, pointed out how the Cabinet Office Europe Unit, headed by Oliver Robbins, had shared information about the defence negotiating position with EU diplomats before these details and their consequences had been explained to MPs.

The situation is now urgent and approaching a crunch moment. It is essential that the completely unnecessary defence giveaways that Olly Robbins’ Europe Unit and others within government have managed to shoehorn into the negotiation proposals are erased entirely.

The EU has no business being in defence or security at all. These should be either NATO or nation-to-nation matters. In accordance with the referendum result, our future defence relationship with European partners must be via NATO and nation-to-nation arrangements, rather than shackled to EU structures.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    May cannot be allowed to sign up to anymore EU inspired crap leave the whole organization completely as well as the ECHR

  2. Keviin BellReply

    This cannot be true. Are we, UK, the 5th or 6th largest economy in the World, to remain under the heel of Brussels, in spite of the Referendum.? Democracy, so loudly proclaimed in this Country hangs in the balance.

    • Adam HileyReply

      will the CIB join up with other movements unite and take on May & the Remoaners otherwise We have no right to lecture other Countries on the Democratic process pressure the Tories to rid themselves and us of Dithering May

  3. Kevin BellReply

    In a democratic election the people voted for Brexit, the PM and the Conservative Party will not survive if we remain tied to the dictaks of EU.

  4. BeaumontReply

    My father and uncles all served this country in lww2 to give the freedoms of today not to be ruled by the very same people they fort all of those years ago the are all proberley turning in their graves st what this gutless traitor est politicians and government of to day are doing to this country cowards all of them

  5. Jamie ByeReply

    This has been the plan all along. Delay and obfuscation. The people’s referendum stolen by and for politicians it was never going to be.

  6. John DrewryReply

    This is exactly what Enoch Powell predicted back in the 70s in ‘The Common Market – the Case Against’. Uncanny that he should have seen that the true objective was military all that time ago.

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