Catch up with us at the Conservative Party Conference

CIB committee member, political scientist Dr Anna Bailey, will be at the Conservative Party Conference this week keeping a keen eye on all things Brexit. Dr Bailey has recently taken on responsibility for running the CIB website and Facebook page, and over the coming months will be implementing a strategy to expand our reach and influence. If you spot her at either the official conference, or the Brexit Advance Alternative Conference, please do pop over and say hello. We’re always keen to catch up with our members – and of course to encourage new members to join!

Dr Bailey will be at the following events:

…plus a variety of other Brexit-related fringe events.

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  1. Richard BillingtonReply

    Are members of other political parties i.e. UKIP who are legitimate democrats, quite normal and inoffensive, allowed to attend any of the fringe events at the Conservative Party Conference?

    I am a members of CIB.

    Thank you

    Richard Billington

    • Adam HileyReply

      under May & Hammond the Conservative Party exists only in name all 3 parties are rabidly pro-EU pro-Immigrant globalist who can be more Socialist than Corbyn

  2. Jason BReply

    The following few days are watchful days.. I have just read these observed comments :

    There appears to be four possible scenarios;

    1 & 2 The EU and UK agree a deal, which the Commons then approves, or does not approve.

    3 & 4 The EU and UK fail to agree a deal, which the Commons then approves, or does not approve.

    The European Union is a revived Roman Empire, and the UK needs to out of such a political entity for our spiritual safety. International deals should be done in fairness and equity. The EU does not do that. For example,it allows the import of raw coffee and cocoa from Africa tariff-free, but imposes crippling tariffs on processed coffee and cocoa products. As a result, Germany makes more money from coffee than the whole of Africa. And there are cocoa producers in Ghana who have never tasted chocolate.

    So who is making the money at others expense? Germany.

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