Can anyone engineer such a shambles by accident?

On this website, you can read two assessments of the Government’s Brexit White Paper. Nigel Moore, one of our regular contributors, calls it “unworkable, risky thinking“, saying that it is highly unlikely that the EU will agree to it as it violates so many principles of the Single Market.   Meanwhile, taking a different angle, academics from the Brexit Studies Department at Birmingham City University have examined the plan and have declared it to be “Brexit in Name only”, keeping us tied to the EU with the only real change being perhaps a limited ability to control freedom of movement.

It is now over two years since the Brexit vote. Mrs May reached the second anniversary of her taking office last Friday. Under her watch, a new Department, the Department for Exiting the European Union, was set up, with several hundred staff employed. What have they been doing all this time?

Unless drastic action is taken, we will end up in a shambolic situation whereby our fishing industry will be devastated, our freedom to trade will be limited and we will still be subject  to virtually all the EU Acquis with no representation. It is the worst of all possible worlds.

It is not as if Mrs May isn’t aware of the less damaging EFTA option, which as a transitional arrangement, would at least get us out of the EU, save our fishing industry and enable  us to negotiate a longer-term agreement from a position of strength. We know that EFTA-supporting MPs have met with her. They seem to have made no impression.  The EFTA route would have solved many of the Irish border issues. The present plan still leaves many questions unanswered. The unfortunate Dominic Raab, parachuted into David Davis’ former position, challenged Mrs May’s critics to come up with a credible alternative. The answer is that they have and she ignored it.

What is more, It does not take much foresight to predict that her party would suffer in the event of a botched Brexit. We have been warning for some time that it could create the worst crisis for the Conservatives since the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846. It should come as no surprise to readers that since the Chequers meeting and the publication of the Government White Paper, support for the Tories has fallen by 6%, with UKIP being the beneficiaries. Only 17% of voters are happy with the Chequers proposals. Unsurprisingly, some Tory MPs are getting nervous.

The big question which needs addressing is whether this is cock-up or conspiracy. An interesting piece in The Telegraph mentions how Airbus has been double-crossed by the Government.  It spurred them to publish a dire forecast of the impact of Brexit before handing a prize £2bn RAF contract to US rival Boeing without a competition. What is more, the piece mentioned that Airbus officials met with Remainer Cabinet ministers. Just coincidence?

Then there is the question of what happens if, as widely expected, the EU rejects the proposals in the White Paper. Writing in CapX, Oliver Wiseman claims that although  Mrs May might claim that this is the “furthest the UK can go”, rejection may result in yet more concessions.

It is unsurprising that some MPs are beginning to smell a rat.  Jacob Rees-Mogg claimed that the PM was only ever “pretending” to deliver Brexit and that she was a “Remainer who has stuck with remain”.  This is a damning indictment. If proof can be found that Mrs May was never serious about achieving a successful Brexit, the implications are enormous.  Unfortunately, when her behaviour over the last two years is weighed in the balance,  it is becoming increasingly hard to hold to the position that the mess we are currently in – and which Mrs May seems so determined to continue – is entirely the result of incompetence.

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  1. StevenReply

    She was a Remainer from the very beginning though one without the sincerity and conviction of people like Anna Soubry , John Major, Ken Clarke or dare I say it the Anti-Christ himself one Tony Bliar which makes her worse than they are in my book. If she had any decency or honesty she would step down now before her party (hopefully) gives her a shove. I smelled a rat from the day her party was denied a membership vote in their so-called leadership ‘election’. The mission remainers in her party gave to her was to destroy Brexit by any means possible and she looks as if she has come very near to achieving a final victory in that process.

  2. christineReply

    We must all do whatever it takes to get us out of this hated EU! The government have forgotten we are a democracy and the government work for US NOT themselves! The people voted to leave COMPLETELY and that is what she must do and do it NOW. If we have to protest in the streets then we will, or do whatever it takes. We WILL NOT stand by and let the government do their bidding, they are there to do the PEOPLES bidding!!!

    • StevenReply

      If he doesn’t do it soon (yes, it takes a bit of guts to put yourself forward to be leader of a party) I will have to regard him as part of the problem and the Tory Party’s licensed anti-EU actor playing his part in the continuing drama! Yes, he might well not get anywhere near winning the leadership but at least he could then hold his head high and say I tried!

  3. Derek ReynoldsReply

    Mrs. May is a frightened puppet, and continues the line of frightened puppets preceding her with possibly the exception of Mrs. Thatcher. They are under instruction to fail Brexit, that’s what Brexit means to Mrs. May. Sadly, Jacob Rees Mogg speaks eloquently, and that is his only strength. On detail and understanding of the EU and its aquis, he appears largely lacking, as do most of the Ministers – though reaching those dizzy heights takes a degree of subservience to a higher power, hence no change. We do need someone like him, or a her, but they won’t get near any candidacy. They’ll be ‘filtered’ out. ‘They’ are the government, and we are the ‘governed’.

    • Adam HileyReply

      sadly Mrs T is no longer around stabbed in the front and back by Europhile cowards and traitors imagine the French idiot Barnier dealing with Maggie wouldn’t of stood a chance

  4. StevenReply

    If only the Queen had the power to dissolve parliament and install her own preferred Prime Minister as the Prince of Liechtenstein has! Perhaps then we could have a government that actually wants to follow the peoples’ instruction from the referendum result and actually get on with LEAVING the EU. Sadly, the Queen doesn’t have that power so we are destined to still have a government of remainers deliberately running down the clock till they can collude with the Labour Party and stop Brexit formally.

  5. Phil JonesReply

    From the day she took office May has been trying to destroy “the people’s Brexit”, by which I mean the Brexit that I and others voted for, namely, for the UK to return from EU province to self-governing independent country. From Day 1 May had Robbins and Europhile civil service start to prepare a Brexit In Name Only. And she did that while telling a trusting David Davis to work out some trade deal with the EU for after the UK had regained its political freedom. All the while May knew that there would not be political freedom if she had her way — but rather a ‘political arrangement’ that meant the UK would appear to be separating from the EU but would actually be staying in it to get a trading arrangement that would satisfy Big Business. The woman is Machiavellian — a liar and a traitor. From Day 1 she should have had trade specialists working behind the scenes on new WTO trade deals ready to go — deals that could quickly go into effect after 29 March 2019. But she had no intention of doing that. Her whole two years in office has been wasted in putting together some type of appeasement scheme whereby the UK does not regain full political freedom but rather a nominal separation that breaks all of the Red Lines that May has set for the last two years. I feel so sorry for David Davis who was just used as a pawn in May’s devious scheming. Just as he had his plan for the UK regaining real political separation ready to go, out comes May with the May-Robbins’ Sell-out Scheme that Robbins had been toiling on behind the scenes for two years. An unbelievable level of lies and deceit and treachery from May. I just hope that she is gone very shortly. I can’t stand the sight of the woman.

    • StevenReply

      She has always been a completely odious anti-British traitor of the highest order even without considering this issue of Brexit. For corfirmation of that, one only has to look at the national disgrace of her time at the Home Office when she let immigrants pile in from every corner of the world. It really is about time she was told to sling her hook and it was suggested she would be more at home in the Liberal Democrats and go and join them. There is a fair few number of these left-liberal globalist goons in the so-called Conservative Party that should be told the same as well like Lord Heseltine, Kenneth Clarke ect. It’s time the Lib Dem infiltration of the Tory Party was halted once and for all!

  6. Adam HileyReply

    The British public the real British public can take back our Country from remainer traitors not Corbynista lefty lowlifes or immigrants who hate us We British don’t normally do revolutions but something needs to be done to restore our democracy from the LibLabCon party Bankers Press Big Business foreign NGO’s the Royals are garbage get rid of them become a federal republic with written constitution within the Commonwealth immediate exit from the EUECHR rejoin the WTO

    • StevenReply

      Indeed the British don’t do political revolutions but maybe we ought to learn how to do them. This globalist, nation-wrecking, political Establishment with their outright contempt for the views of ordinary people NEEDS to go and not a moment too soon!

      The EU referendum has illustrated perfectly their hatred for our views which up to then they had managed to hide fairly succesfuly so in that sense at least the exercise on June 23rd 2016 has been of some political use.

  7. StevenReply

    I see that today Teresa REMAINER Maybe/Mayhem has lavished praise upon Nelson Mandela on her Twitter account – a vicious terrorist who should have been hung. I think this says it all about her so-called ‘judgement’ and her constant pandering to the loony-left in this country. Will someone, somewhere please get rid of this mad Liberal Democrat PM!

    • StevenReply

      She is also boasting about her government’s so-called economic prowess in that we have, apparently, a record number of people in employment. Perhaps, that might well be connected to the fact that due mainly to her UTTER IDIOCY AND TREASON at the Home Office whilst Home Secretary where she let basically everyone in the world who wanted to come and live in Britain to do so we also have a RECORD NUMBER of people living here!

      JUST GO WOMAN NOW! We all know you have skin as thick as a rhino’s but even you must TAKE THE HINT by now!

    • Adam HileyReply

      I never had time for Mandela He was no saint and the BBC fawning over Obama’s boring speech he gave back Home yawn BBC no one cares about the failure who did nothing over 8 Years when American president now has the gall to lecture Trump

      • StevenReply

        He certainly was no saint. He had no qualms about murdering many people in bomb attacks and his wife was a fan of putting burning tyres around people’s necks. In the 1980’s when the Conservative Party still had a few credentials as a conservative party their young activists sometimes wore ‘Hang Nelson Mandela’ T Shirts! How times change when you consider the the new ‘progressive’, ‘modern’, PC and very globalist Conservative Party of today!

  8. Gordon WebsterReply

    Jacob Rees-Mogg recently said, “she’s a remainer who remains a remainer.” I cant add to that.
    “Can anyone engineer a shambles by accident?” No, I don’t think they can, and I don’t think they did. Nothing will shake me from the belief that Berlin and Brussels chose May to replace failure Cameron. They have already replaced two heads of state in the EU. Why do we think they wouldn’t do it to Britain.

  9. StevenReply

    Teresa May has made it blindingly obvious she has no real wish to let Britain leave the European Union by making sure that only now some half-hearted attempts are being made to prepare the country for no deal. If the government WERE genuinely serious about leaving those preparations would have been started to have been made by the civil service from about the first month or so after the referendum’s result.

  10. Adam HileyReply

    the Tories have no choice but to carry out withdrawal their electoral chances in 5 years the next election depends on it and Labour are just as crap incompetent lazy self serving and dishonest immigration would be horrific our debt would be atrocious our forces would be even more depleted Corbyn would gladly hand over Ulster to the Irish Republic Gibraltar and the Falklands would be signed away to Spain and Argentina not his to sign away I support the populist party and will always fight the LibLabCon crooks until they cease to exist

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