The Brexit vote – how we got there

This interesting speech about David Cameron was given by Sir Ivan Rogers, the former UK permanent Representative to the EU. at Hertford College, Oxford, on 25th November.

It is a long article, some 18 pages long, and even though the author is anything but an ardent Brexiteer, it is written in a dispassionate style. He claims that David Cameron believed that the best place for the UK was within an EU that would cement our “exceptionalism” into law and describes the trials and tribulations which the then Prime Minister faced in his renegotiations and the events leading up to them.

The speech brings back memories of those fascinating days leading up to the moment when the starting gun on the referendum vote was fired in February last year. It explains the steps that led to Camoern’s momentous decision and is well worth a read.

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  1. Gordon WebsterReply

    Indeed he was the most ardent of Europhiles, and yet we must be eternally grateful for his arrogance. I believ that he expected Project Fear to win, and the British People to unwittingly surrender their sovereignty – which only they can do, if Dicey is to be followed.
    I further believe that he made the Bank of England independent of Government to prepare us, post surrender, for entry into the Euro – which Bernard Connolly makes clear is a prerequisite for Euro Membership, so that Frankfurt and the ECB can assume control. It is my belief that the Office of Budget Responsibility was created for that same purpose – to give the ECB control of our Budget. I forget now whether it was Peter Lilley, or someone else, who publicly stated, that Brexit would mean regaining control of our money. Why would an MP, or ex MP, say that unless control of our finances was not in the hands of some other body?
    We must be grateful to Cameron for his conceit and arrogance, for without that Referendum, and promise to honour it, the People of this country would never have woken up to 44 years of the contravention of our own Laws and Constitution.

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