Arm Yourself for the Fight for Brexit

CIB has repeatedly stated that the battle for Brexit is far from over. And so it has proven with the publication of May’s deadly deal with the EU. It is even worse than we feared. The deal will lock us in to the EU in all but name with no escape mechanism. It will be enshrined in an international treaty, so cannot be repealed or revoked without the EU’s agreement. And it will hand over important aspects of UK military policy to EU institutions.

It is therefore more important than ever that we arm ourselves with the resources to fight for the Brexit we voted for in June 2016. CIB heartily endorses the following useful resources from Brexit Facts4EU.Org.


The Brexit Battle Pack

The Brexit Battle Pack is endorsed by 14 Brexit organisations, including CIB.

Writing to your MP or the media? Follow the Battle Pack’s essential advice to ensure you have maximum impact and successfully correct bias. The Battle Pack also contains important contact links and a large number of practical tips.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org currently have a major campaign underway as part of the Battle Pack, with simple letters that can be printed off and sent to MPs.  They are urging everyone to do this now.

Access is completely free here.



This is the most definitive, indexed source of facts on the EU and Brexit available anywhere.

It contains hundreds of factual articles, in 19 main categories and 97 sub-categories. The facts are all researched from official sources – mostly from the EU itself.

It enables you to find the specific information you are looking for with just a couple of clicks.

Public access is free, and additional levels of access are available from £9.99 for four months.


Brexit Facts4EU.Org also has a news page where you can read their original articles each day. They are supporters of CIB and have previously published articles by our chairman Edward Spalton.

Arm yourself for the battle ahead!

Brexit Facts4EU.Org has been active since before the referendum and focuses on research, analysis, and publication of easy-to-read facts from official sources in the EU, UK and national governments, and international bodies. It does so in order to inform the debate and counter propaganda.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    there must be a campaign to get May removed from Office and to keep Corbyn and His Marxist weirdo’s well away from Government the French showed how We should respond to arrogant politicians

  2. Jason BReply

    The Government was cornered nicely into having to print out the full legal advice. It is a proof they did not want to admit that we would be indefinitely tied to the EU customs rules. This goes right against the question on the referendum paper, essentially a constitutional one: “Should the United Kindom be an independent sovereign country or a member state of the European Union?”

    We are reaching a constitutional crisis – how about the formation of a brand new large party from existing MP’s?

  3. Adam HileyReply

    a general strike is needed to rid ourselves of the Conservative Labor and Liberal Parties as well as the hideous SNP shut down the BBC halt the Foreign Aid and shut down the DFID which hands out Our money with no mandate to do so end the Royalty and become a Federal Republic with a written constitution

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