An academic speaks out

We would like to draw your attention to the videos of our annual rally on 14th April in London, which featured  impressive contributions from  highly qualified speakers.

Dr Graham Gudgin is a rare creature – a senior academic who is not only understandable but supports Brexit and is prepared to say so publicly. More than that, he is one of the men behind Briefings for Brexit, a website set up in order to provide  “factual evidence and reasoned arguments” in support of Brexit, with the articles written by fellow-academics who are specialists in various fields.

Dr Gudgin’s speech can be heard here. He touched on some economic issues, including the contentious issue of the unsustainability of current immigration levels, in an authoritative, balanced and easily understood manner. He comprehensively debunked all the predictions by fellow-economists who predicted economic meltdown if we voted to leave, showing the fallacy of their approach. His introductory remarks about the way leave voters were dismissed as ignorant will also be very welcome to anyone feeling irritated at being caricatured by remoaners as mentally challenged.  Anyone who makes such an unfounded assertion can be referred to Dr. Gudgin and his company of fellow eminent academics.

He concluded with an upbeat assessment of our long-term economic prospects after Brexit, believing that we would achieve a trade deal with the EU and that the level of short-term disruption would be relatively minor.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    good to see not all academics are not rabid mentally challenged Guardian reading BBC minded Corbynista’s

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