The admirable Mr Attlee – a letter from our Chairman

The letter below appeared in the Derby Telegraph – in response to Mr C. N. Westerman – an indefatigable letter writer and ardent europhile.


Mr. C N Westerman is fulsome in his praise for Clement Attlee, the post war Labour Prime Minister.

One of Attlee’s best decisions was to keep us out of the European Coal & Steel Community which became the EU . He was a democrat and would not submit to the “High Authority”, invented by Jean Monnet and friends. Nowadays it is called the European Commission.

Attlee said “There is no way that Britain could accept that the most vital economic forces of this country should be handed over to an authority which is utterly undemocratic and responsible to nobody”.

His Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin was even more opposed to European integration. In a splendidly mixed metaphor he said “”If you open that Pandora’s box, you don’t know how many Trojan horses will come flying out.” Well, we know now!

I recently interviewed Lord Walsingham (now 92), who was secretary of the tripartite conference at the Foreign Office ( USA, United Kingdom & France) which cleared the way for the Coal & Steel Community. British intelligence was aware of secret clauses between France & Germany whereby each would subsidise the other’s heavy industry when in competition with us – to weaken our economy and reduce our defence capability. The Americans also insisted on an end to denazification so the German industrialists who did well out of wartime slave labour would get off.

Lord Walsingham resigned in protest, rejoined his regiment and went to fight in Korea. His account of the way the Foreign Office worked in those days is most amusing. A video of the interview (approx 35 minutes) is linked to the article:

Anyone interested in the deep motives behind the EU project will find it interesting.

Yours sincerely

Edward Spalton

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