A letter to the Archbishop

At a church conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, made the following extraordinary statement:-

The EU has been the greatest dream realised for human beings since the fall of the Western Roman Empire. It has brought peace, prosperity, compassion for the poor and weak, purpose for the aspirational and hope  for all its people.”
We felt that His Grace was in need of more accurate information, so have sent him the following letter:-
The two articles attached with the letter were
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  1. Petrina HoldsworthReply

    I doubt that you will get a sensible reply from His Grace as he is obviously a hopeless romantic as far as the EU is concerned ,in fact I would venture to suggest that he appears more sold on the EU then he does on his own faith.
    I am astonished both by his comments and by the timing of them.Men of God should keep out of politics.

  2. Ian PhillipsReply

    In his recent book ‘Reimagining Britain’, I was shocked to see Welby’s paragraph rant against Brexit, on page 19. To quote…….

    “It is also no wonder than in such circumstances as I have briefly set out, the cracks in our society have begun to show, expressed in hate crime, in the growth of intolerance, and above all of an inward-turning. Brexit risks becoming not merely Britain’s exit from the EU, but a catalyst of British introspection, xenophobia and self-pity if a self-regarding attitude leads to economic failure and international impotence, as well as being morally wrong in and of itself.”

    So, according to our head of the Anglican church, Brexit is immoral…really? No justification or explanation is to be found for this view in the book.

    ……..It’s just classic “remainism”, on a stick!!

  3. Adrian WhiteReply

    The Archbishop considers the European Union the ‘greatest dream realised for human beings’ since the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century. If the dream has been realized, why is the European Union still seeking to expand. The Roman Empire grew till it reached its natural boundaries. What are the natural boundaries of this new empire?
    What did the Roman Empire bestow on the peoples of India and China? What does the European Union do for them? Are not the Chinese and Indians human beings too with their ancient empires and civilizations as old as Rome? The twenty-first century will see not only the decline and fall of the European Union, but of the ‘Little European’ mentality demonstrated by the Archbishop.

  4. Jonathon Andrew HarringtonReply

    Well worded response from Edward Spalton.

    I really do think we ought to send some marbles to the archbishop since he has obviously lost his. JAH

  5. StevenReply

    At one time, the Church of England used to endorse the use of capital punishment in Britain for murdering scumbags using moral arguments ie ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ Since the 1950’s when this was the case, it has progressively degenerated and is now nothing more than one of the prime cheerleaders for left-liberal globalism.

  6. KateReply

    So strange to hear another diversity/common purpose trained leader speaking parrot fashion against any hint of disagreement with the globalist vision. The brain-trained are unreal to the point of being spooky.

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  8. inquiryReply

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