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Welcome to the Campaign for an Independent Britain. Our organisation was formed in 1969 as a cross-party coalition to oppose the UK’s entry into Common Market in 1973. Although we were unable to prevent this happening and did not succeed in reversing that decision in the 1975 referendum, we have continued to maintain that the UK should withdraw from what has now become the European Union and were actively involved in the 2016 referendum campaign. Although we are delighted with the result and the subsequent beginning of the withdrawal procedure, we believe we need to keep campaigning until our full withdrawal is achieved. On this website, you will find not only much evidence to support our position but considerable analysis on how best to achieve a seamless withdrawal after being trapped for over 40 years in this mistaken political project. We are an umbrella group financed by members’ subscriptions and supporters' donations with an elected executive of up to 14 members, some of whom represent affiliated and associated eurosceptic organisations with which we work to obtain our common objective of regaining our freedom.


  • Separating the wood from the trees

    As the “ping-pong” continues between the two Houses of Parliament over the amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, it is easy to end up very confused, bogged down by a mass of detail. Part of the problem is separating the wood from the trees. Some items of news, touted as...
  • Trade in food with the EU after Brexit

    This article, a personal opinion, was written for the agricultural press. It has been suggested that independence campaigners like me should keep quiet about the possible problems of Brexit so as not to be accused of “Project Fear” . But a realistic appreciation of the known consequences of leaving the...
  • The Archbishop’s reply to Edward Spalton’s letter

    Edward Spalton received the following reply to his letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from one of his staff:-
  • After Brexit, what future democracy in Britain?

    Readers may enjoy this speech by Roger Wright-Morris, a CIB supporter, whose Cornish group was the largest distributor of our leaflets in the referendum. He asks the question:- “After Brexit, whatfuture democracy in Britain?” Roger is the editor of the helpful Concordanceout.eu, website, a useful resource for all things Brexit.
  • The EU is proposing to add fingerprints to ID cards

    A proposal from the European Commission has called for the mandatory inclusion of biometrics (two fingerprints and a facial image) in all EU Member States’ identity cards. Although the EU is not per se proposing ID cards in the UK, they could still be theoretically be forced through as a...


  • Brexit Reset – New pamphlet available for downloading

    Our latest pamphlet, BREXIT RESET has been sent to  all MPs. We are also sending BREXIT RESET to the Lords and members of the devolved assemblies. The pamphlet calls on the government to abandon the “vassal state”  transitional arrangement proposed by the EU and suggests an available, working   alternative which...
  • Support Fishing for Leave’s protests – details, dates and venues (updated 4th June)

    Fishing for Leave is staging mass protests with fishermen in ports nationwide against the Transition deal that will see the UK obeying all EU law including the hated Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The demonstrations will be joined by top Tory MPs and Brexiteers. ** A PROVISIONAL DATE OF JUNE 16th...
  • Fishing – Keep up the pressure!

    Most readers will have head about Fishing for Leave’s demonstration against the surrender of our fishing industry outside Parliament yesterday. Although a much smaller scale event than the flotilla of fishing boats which sailed down the Thames in June 2016, a valid point was made. Growing Parliamentary opposition to the...
  • RIP Sir Richard Body

    This tribute first appeared on Brexit Central and is reproduced with permission. The death has been announced at the age of 90 of Sir Richard Body, Conservative MP for Billericay between 1955 and 1959 and then Holland with Boston (later Boston and Skegness) between 1966 and 2001. He was a...
  • Please sign this petition on defence

    Ensure the UK leaves all EU defence rules, policies and structures on 29/03/19. Please sign this petition and pass on to all your friends. 10,000 signatures are needed to force the government to reply. Since November 2016, the UK has joined all parts of the EU’s “defence union” except one,...

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  1. Bruges Group event – the future of Britain and the EU

    June 19 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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We still have quantities of our leaflets available and even though the referendum is now over, we are still happy to provide you with copies if you can find good homes for them! For a full list of what is available, please click here . Alternatively, you are welcome to download them as pdfs.
Campaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent Britain

7 Reasons to Leave the EU

It is not even really about the anti-democratic nature of having decisions made for you in Brussels. Today, for example, we learn that unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats want to prevent us from asking if those claiming benefits in Britain are entitled to them. No. The reason we need to quit the EU is even more elemental than all that.

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