Turkey, EU visa liberalisation and Schengen

The Government has told us that the liberalisation of visa restrictions on Turkey only appliues to the Schengen area. However, this post, from John Redwood’s blog, raises the issue of whether we are being lied to – again. 

I drew attention to the fact that the official minutes of the 7 March EU/Turkey Agreement made clear that all member states need to lift visa restrictions on Turkey by June this year. The UK government keeps saying this does not apply to the UK.  I suggested they have the minutes amended in that case.

Far from doing so, the minutes of the European Council held 17-18 March  reconfirmed the minutes of the 7 March “Following the decisions of the Heads of State of government of 7 March”  the European Council “calls for the full implementation of the EU-Turkey statement”.  So if we assume the UK is not actually going to lift visa restrictions we are left wondering why official statements of the Heads of State and government which we are asked to rely on in other contexts are wrong on this matter. We also need to remember how assurances that the UK would not have to bail out Euro countries were swept aside when it came to a new loan for Greece.

There can be no opt out for the UK when it comes to possible Turkish membership of the EU. There we are told clearly in the minutes of the Council meeting that ”the EU and Turkey reconfirmed their commitment to re energise the accession process” for Turkey to become a full member.

Visa liberalisation even if confined to the continent means many more people having easy access to the EU and possibly establishing citizenship and free movement rights to the UK  as well as the rest of the EU. Full membership of course brings complete freedom of movement. In view of the pressure on us already from the many people in the rest of the EU who want to work and live here, we do need to consider this Turkish issue more seriously. One of the failings of William Hague’s Referendum Act was it does not give the UK people a vote on new members joining the EU, though they can represent a big change to the EU and to our obligations as a result.

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  1. Phil JonesReply

    The British people would have to be absolutely insane to vote for the UK to stay in the ‘United States of Europe’ and not return to being a self-governing independent country! At present the UK is no different than Florida. In the US once a person can somehow get within the United States’ borders, they can move freely between states. Imagine if 70million Turkish people had the right to enter the borders of the EU and the UK were still an EU province (sorry: ‘Member State’!). The thought is enough to make one sick to their stomach. Let Merkel allow all she wants into the EU. It won’t affect us if at that time the UK is back being a separate independent country! Roll on 23 June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gordon WebsterReply

    When do our Political Leaders stop lying to us? Do they not understand that, with the advent of the internet, we will find the truth one way or the other.
    As for Turkey, Merkel has won her craving for unlimited access to Islamic Migrants. With Turkey to have Visa Access and Freedom to Move Through The EU, all they have to d is give the migrants in Turkey Visas, and they plus 77 million Turks can come and go as they please. Why? Why are our Political Elite so determinned to push Europe into a Third War?

  3. Ali YavuzReply

    Well there is a storm when the subject comes to Turkey. I can understand why most of the Europeans oppose Turkish membership to the EU and i don’t blame them. Each member state have their reasons to oppose Turkish membership. That is fine till here. But come on guys what you are opposing is a visa free regime with Turkey. What are you expecting to happen when Turks will have a visa free regime. Do you fear 7 milion Turks will try to immigrate to Europe ? Be realistic. European economy is no more in good condition and Turks also know it. Maybe a very small minority will try their luck in this sense…I don’t think there is anything Europeans should fear from a visa free regime…

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