A tribute to the late Helen Szamuely

With Helen’s death, one of the great freedom fighters of our time has passed on.

Born in Moscow, she was the daughter of a father who bravely opposed Soviet Communism; Helen understood it from an early age, and fought it long before the Wall came down.

She came to the UK at the age of fourteen and with a First in History and Russian from the University of Leeds and a doctorate from the University of Oxford, her knowledge of Soviet history and what it did to the Warsaw Pact countries was encyclopaedic.

So she also saw through the project of European integration from its inception, and was a founder member of the Anti-Federalist League, UKIP and several other resistance groups, also serving as Head of Research for the Bruges Group.

Slightly more surprisingly to many, she was also omnivorous in her love of the arts and could often be seen in the evening at private views for a wide range of styles.

Helen had a first class and incisive mind, and could be impatient with the less gifted, especially when she thought that even they should have been able to grasp the point she was making. But she was never unkind, and her generous sense of humour always carried the day.

We have lost a brave and good woman, and my thoughts are with her daughter, Katharine.

(This tribute first appeared on the Brexit Central website. Dr Szamuely was also a member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain’s Committee for many years.)
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  1. John AshworthReply

    Helen was a tremendous help to us in the Save Britain’s Fish campaign, Having first met her at one of our fringe meetings, she soon became involved by organising the lectures our group gave in the Jubilee Room off Westminster Hall.
    Helen taught me the function and operation of Parliament. She was a solid supporter of our cause to get back control of UK fishing waters. The Fishing Industry has much to thank you for Helen, we must not fail you as we approach what could be our last chance.

  2. lord willoughby de brokeReply

    Helen was an invaluable help to me during the long fight to free ourselves from what my old friend Malcolm Pearson referred to as the “Corrupt octopus in Brussels”.Her briefings were always incisive and to the point Anything and everything that emanated from the octopus was subject to her investigative power, from the details of treaties to the detail of unnecessary and costly meat hygiene regulation.s.

    She was intelligent, brave and dedicated; I certainly will remember her for those qualities. I am sure that she will have drawn enormous satisfaction at be able to live long enough see our Prime Minister begin the process of United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union. Mission accomplished.

  3. Adam HileyReply

    great lady I could listen to her speeches all day rest in peace Helen my thoughts are with her Friends and Family

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