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This letter was sent by our Chairman to Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and Burton on Trent papers.

The government is introducing the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill and many Europhiles have acquired a new-found zeal for the principle of parliamentary scrutiny. They say the Bill gives “Henry VIII” powers to the government to strike out legislation which has come to us from the EU.

This is the height of hypocrisy. The European Communities Act 1972 was voted through by MPs who had not had a chance to see the treaty to which they were agreeing. Nigel Spearing (Labour), the last MP to speak against it, complained that Parliament was “signing a blank cheque”.

The treaty of accession to the EEC had been signed under royal prerogative without any parliamentary scrutiny at all. The 1972 Bill made the terms of the treaty enforcible in British law. It said that all European law – past, present and to come – would immediately become binding in its entirety “without further enactment” by our Parliament. This is the settlement of subjection which advocates of EU membership have maintained and supported ever since.

It was an Enabling Act, transferring responsibility for our laws out of democratic control – more gradual but not dissimilar in kind to the one which Hitler used to nullify the German parliament. Twelve years before, the Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir had written to Edward Heath to say that Parliament would have to become accustomed to being a rubber stamp, if we joined the EEC. That was kept an official secret for thirty years.

Governments of all parties have since promiscuously overused the device of Statutory Instruments to bypass effective parliamentary scrutiny and debate. So there is every reason to reform parliamentary procedures, now we are getting our country back. However, the least hint of filibustering by Europhiles under the cloak of a pretended concern for the dignity and powers of Parliament should be seen for the fraud that it is and disregarded. The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill must go through in a timely way, or we will never see a return to any proper, democratic accountability at all. Parliament can always kick out a government here – something we never could do with the European Commission.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Spalton

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    enough is enough stop trusting the failed 3 old parties get rid of them now we must simply leave the EU & ECHR straight away then dump NATO the IMF UN after

  2. Phil JonesReply

    Edward, thanks for putting things in perspective. There are going to be problems with the Brexit Bill currently going through. Mr. Davis has indicated that there will be more scrutiny of its provisions before Third Reading, and that includes studying all of the Amendments that are being submitted. Unfortunately it is becoming clearer and clearer that the unscrupulous power-hungry Trotskyite running the Labour Party is using the Amendment process to try and scupper the Brexit Bill and in fact to try and keep the UK as an EU province. That being the case, we are riding a fine line in pushing on to Third Reading of the Brexit Bill. But I am heartened that people like Labour’s Caroline Flint can see her leader’s ploy and is speaking out. I trust Mr. Davis and believe that he will look at the worthwhile Amendments put forward and will implement them. Then Labour will have few, if any, excuses for opposing passage of the Brexit Bill. Oppose, oppose, oppose for opposing’s sake. That’s the Corbyn mantra. The man is desperate for power. What a scary place if he ever did gain power and could lead his leftist flock to do whatever he wanted. I think that Mrs. May is extremely fortunate that she has Corbyn on the other side — since I don’t believe that Labour is electable with him.

    • Adam HileyReply

      I never thought I would praise a Labour MP but good on Caroline Flint a Blairite Labour are worse than the Tories or Thatcher ever did

  3. robin LambertReply

    7 Labour MPs honoured their Constituents Wishes & 17.4m by voting through ”The enabling bill”. Caroline Flint a ”Remain” mP actually summed it up as trying to Stifle Exiting the EU,SNP 34 & Lib-dem 12 MPs predictably Wont accept leaving the European Union and its Corporatist Low wage programme.
    As for Henry V111 ,if Men want to wed 6 times then that is ”Masochism”?

  4. Gordon WebsterReply

    Short and sweet,yet quite brilliant Edward. In a nutshell the remainers have completely ignored the truth, like Socrates “Cave Dwellers.” Rules, Regulations and Directives, plus the massive increase in Statututory Instrument, has all but rendered Westminster, Holyrood, Stormont, and Cardiiff redundant. Why do we pay for so many politicians when, like the EU Parliament, they are nothing but rubber stamps.

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