The Common Fisheries Policy – Part 4

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  1. BellevueReply

    John, you are doing an amazing job with this series. I do understand the constraints of trying to Keep It Simple……… but I wish you would write an awful lot more!

    We need to disperse this widely. I have always felt that if people really understood the Common Fisheries Policy it would open many eyes to the swamp that is the EU. In many ways I think it is worse than the CAP. Most people have a basic understanding that the CAP is rubbish……… but they dont know the half (or quarter!) of how appalling the CFP is. It could be a mind-changer.

  2. John AshworthReply

    I don’t know how Richard on EU Referendum does a write-up every day on different subjects, this has been my whole working life since 1963, and I hope to have a book covering the whole period out by the end of 2016. Next weeks is written then I get onto my main interest of the environment/conservation.
    I have tried to write all this from a different direction, the fault is not the EU, what they do is up to themselves, the problem is home bred.

  3. BellevueReply

    I agree that the ‘problem is home bred’ which is why I fear what will happen in the event of a Leave vote. Can we really trust these people to get us a decent deal? I doubt it somehow.
    SO glad to hear that you are writing a book. I feel that your vast experience and knowledge NEED a book to spell the whole thing out. I shall certainly be buying it…….. just make sure it comes out well before the referendum!
    I really feel that if people understood the CFP they would change their minds about the EU………it is such a crazy policy. It is utter madness, and sums up the whole EU way of doing things.
    (am I right in thinking that the discards part of the CFP has now been changed, so that instead of discarding fish at sea they now have to be landed and sent to landfill? I am sure I read this somewhere…….. and it is so utterly bonkers, that when I tell people this they can hardly believe their ears.?

  4. John AshworthReply

    yes the discarding position is changing, you will see why in a couple of weeks, some 28 years after we highlighted the problem. The question should be why such a high discard rate, and the reason is the CFP is run on rigid lines for political integration. The management system is political. A rigid structure will never work in the fluid movement of marine life.
    The remain side will, I think, try and pull a fast one, and try the same deception again, but the advice I would give Cameron, is go and have a word with Tony Baldry, you will not get away with it this time.
    Unfortunately another Save Britain’s Fish campaign is starting up next month, nothing to do with the old one I led, and I fear they are going to mess the whole thing up if they are not careful,
    I agree, presented correctly, it could have a good impact for the leave side, and I will I think put these articles together in a small booklet ready for our launch.

  5. John AshworthReply

    Thanks very much for the link Peter, most useful. Yes, will be going to the end. The tragedy is nothing has changed, in fact the situation is becoming worse. The British side don’t understand our EU Treaties, and if they do they conceal the facts, and think they can continue this impression we are still an independent country.

  6. Gordon WebsterReply

    Really interesting, and the answer from Baldry confirms what people like Atkinson, Carswell and others say, that the decision of subservience to Brussels is a wholehearted decision by the British Government. In “The Demise of The Free State,” David Green quotes Lord Judge and Lord Justice Law as saying what you said above. A small amendment to the 1972 Act and an a small amendment to The Human Rights Act would return supremacy to Britain and British Courts.
    I worked for a short time in Peterhead and watched the closure of business’s brought on by the forced scrapping of Fishing Boats. The Fishermen I met made it quite clear, that they believed the “scientific,” data on which the quotas were based had been deliberately falsified. No doubt to close down our Fishing Industry, as Brussels quotas had shut down our Steel Industry.

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