Fishing for Leave – Clyde Demonstration 17th June

The Clyde demonstration planned for this morning has been cancelled as a mark of respect for the murdered MP Jo Cox. Fishing For Leave has stated on its website that it was not in the interest of public safety to proceed with the protest in the Clyde following ‘viable threats’ from Remain campaigners who claimed there would be “Armageddon” at the demonstration.

Fishing for Leave – Thames Demonstation 15th June 2016

Readers who enjoyed  John Ashworth’s series of articles on the Common Fisheries Policy who live on or near the Thames Estuary are encouraged to support  our fishermen as they sail up the Thames from Southend to Tower Bridge in their fishing boats on Wednesday 15th June.  However, the further out from London you live, the earlier you’ll have to get up to wish them well! The convoy will leave Southend at 5AM, aiming to arrive at Tower Bridge, London at 10AM

In the words of the Fishing for Leave website:-

The Fishing Industry has hoped and prayed for a way out the EU.
Now’s our one and only chance to Free Britain and Our industry – The fleet in the heart of the capital will have a huge impact. The Value of the event far outweighs it’s cost- It’s our turn to take up the fight- It’s now or never.

We appeal to everyone- Please Join & Support these events and let’s Fight for the Fishing’s future!

The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing – Booklet still available

Readers who appreciated John Ashworth’s excellent series of articles on the Common Fisheries Policy will be delighted to know that the eight pieces he wrote for this website have been edited into a single booklet, which is now available free of charge (although any contributions would be greatly welcomed).

If you live in near a fishing port, it will be a particularly useful booklet to distribute, but even if you don’t, what has happened to our fishing industry is not a one-off story, atypical of European Union behaviour. This well-researched and hard-hitting account of the destruction of our fishing fleet by government ministers and civil servants epitomises everything that has been wrong with our membership of the EU and provides a very powerful reason as to why we must leave the EU.

Even with the referendum vote behind us, this booklet is still well worth a read and copies are still available.

Please contact us by e-mail or by ringing 0845 519 7254 if you wish to order copies.

A pdf download is now available here.