Anti-austerity demonstration in front of the Greek embassy.

In response to an appeal by EPAM,
the United People’s Front
(Cross- Party)
at 12.00 noon Saturday 25 March
outside the Greek Embassy
1a Holland Park, London W11 3TP
(nearest Tube Station Holland Park)
as evidenced by the UN Human Rights Council Report,which proves DENIAL of
as a result of Euro Austerity &

 Leonidas Chrysanthopolous writes:-

We are calling for the restoration of human rights to the people of Greece who have been deprived of them because of the austerity measures imposed by the EU and the IMF. Our requests are based on the report that was published in February of last year by the independent expert of the UN and submitted to the Human Rights council in Geneva. We have chosen that date since it is the National Day of Greece and we celebrate the proclamation of the war of independence against the Ottomans.

EU vs EFTA:- Are you an Extremist or a Moderate?

With the EU referendum coming up, there is a potential for Britain to rebalance towards democracy and prosperity for the many. Currently the UK is a member of the EU Single Market, a political and economic agreement, while there is also an off-the-shelf alternative, the EFTA Single Market, like Norway, who is a member of the European Free Trade Association.

People should ask themselves questions to ascertain whether they are extremist or moderate.

  1. Jobs

Do you want to be part of a union that has cost the cumulative £130 billion and a cumulative trade deficit over £400 billion, resulting in loss of jobs, loss of company sales and also loss of tax revenue for public services. A lose-win agreement?

Or would you prefer to have an agreement that would cost no more than £3 billion a year, and a trade balance, more jobs. A win-win agreement?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Student loans, elderly

Do you feel it is right for the UK to give billions of pounds in aid to EU countries where people avoid paying their taxes and corruption leads to increase in the cost of government spending in EU countries, allowed people in Greece to retire at 50 in sunny weather, pay for new roads and high speed railway lines in EU countries, while in the UK some elderly people cannot afford heating in their homes, and UK students now need to pay tuition fees and now have debts?

Or do you feel the £ billions money used for EU aid is better given to UK elderly people for more winter fuel allowance, and students have tuition fees reduced from £9,000 a year to £500 a year?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Human Rights

Do you feel it is right for the UK to have the European Arrest Warrant, allowing UK citizens to be arrested and sent abroad, with little evidence, that wouldn’t stand up in a UK court of law?

Or do you feel a normal extradition agreement, as before, is better, requiring full evidence, that could stand up in a UK court of law, used for any extradition of a British citizen?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Fisheries sustainability

Do you feel it is right for the EU to dictate UK fishing policy, including by countries that have no fishing industry, like Austria, Luxembourg, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and tell UK fishermen to throw fish overboard if they have caught too much of their quota – meanwhile over 200,000 people in the UK use food banks to feed their families?

Or do you feel the UK is better to run it’s own fishing policy

Are you Pro-EU or Pro-EFTA?

  1. More even spread of economic wealth and power

Do you feel is better to have more and more political power centralised in the EU, which has also led to more and more wealth being held by fewer people, i.e. increasing of centralisation of power has led to increasing centralisation of wealth, with the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor getting poorer?

Or would you prefer self-government for the UK, with less political power centralised and thus leading to less wealth being centralised?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Safe streets

Do you support known criminals from EU countries freely being able to move to the UK?

Or do you support preventing EU criminals coming to the UK?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Lower living costs

Do you support uncontrolled mass immigration from EU countries into the UK, with side effects of rising living costs and lower wages, especially for low income people?

Or do you support controlling immigration that suits the UK and is based on skills needed and is more of a win-win system?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.  Pro-Democracy

Do you support the EU overriding the British Parliament and elected MPs, and people you vote for cannot change laws, and the UK turning into a one-party state run by the EU and other countries, UK being outvoted in EU institutions and forced to take regulations which aren’t suited to the UK economy or justice system?

Or do you support  the UK upgrading to democracy and self-government and having the ability to veto EU laws, and also the UK once again to sit on world organisations and have a voice and vote on regulations? and also being abel to negotiate Free Trade Agreements with other countries, independent of the EU?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Human Rights, Free Enterprise

Do you support the UK being a poor role for democracy in the world for dictatorships, being a member of the EU, whose accounts haven’t been signed off by auditors for over 15 years due to fraud, media censorship of pro-democracy activists, centralisation of power and wealth, media/banking/business cartels lobby government for preferential regulations making it costly for competitors to compete and lower prices, people arrested with EAW on flimsy evidence, the rich getting richer while the poor getting poorer, no matter who you vote for – nothing changes.

Or do you feel the UK is better to upgrade to democracy and be better role model, showing dictatorships, people’s voice in elections is heard and reflected in polices that benefit the majority, full reporting on political opinions – including pro-democracy parties, decentralisation of power, a more even spread of wealth, people can only be arrested with sufficient evidence of any crime – or released immediately, more opportunity for new businesses to start and offer services and compete with current cartels, be a member of an association that has it’s accounts signed off every year?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Pro-Democracy in other countries

Do you ignore Britain’s role in Europe in the last 200+ years, helping many countries in restoring self-government, after self-government has been taken away in the areas of: political decision making, economic policy, taxation, currency control, legal system, movement of people, media freedom – by a larger power in Europe? Do you ignore Britain’s role in the last 200+ years in Europe, helping ensure there is no one dominant power bullying other countries in Europe – so helping countries keep their self-government?

Or do you support Britain being an example of democracy, with the ability to make, amend and repeal laws, and the people who are elected can make the laws in the UK? Do you support Britain being a country that supports and aids countries upgrade to democracy and allow the voice of the people to be heard in making the laws of their country?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1. Human Rights and Animal Rights

Do you ignore the lessons from previous dictatorships and totalitarian regimes, that showed after the fall of communism and military dictatorships, that in socialist/communist countries the state did not protect property rights and 10 millions died, in military dictatorships which protected property rights and 10,000s died – that defending property rights, leads to better protection of human rights, and lower cost in human lives – even though each one lost is a tragedy?  Do you ignore that defending boundaries is a lead to defending human rights? Do you ignore that protecting boundaries has led to also improved animal rights? Do you ignore that a system is as strong as it’s weakest link? Do you support the EU weakening the defending of UK boundaries and UK immigration controls?

Or do you support each country defending boundaries and protecting it’s borders and deciding who and how many people come in to their own country, for how long? and so improve respect for human rights and also animal rights? And also an example for other countries in the world? Improving weakest links leads to overall improvements. Do you support controlling immigration to suit the UK economy and residents?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1. Democracy in Europe

Do you support the EU Parliament – having only 10% of MEPs voted by the UK – being able to override the British Parliament? Do you support the UK being a member of the EU, where it can be outvoted and forced to take laws thet don’t suit the UK and/or were not voted for by the public in a party manifesto? Do you support the UK MEPs outvoting other countries in the EU, to force them to accept laws they feel do not fit their country?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Competitiveness, productivity and pay

Do you support 100% of the economy being subject to EU laws and regulations, even though only 9% of the economy trades with the EU? Do you support the ‘hidden tax’ of EU regulations that add a cost to British industry, and reduce competitiveness?

Or do you support only the 9% of the economy that trades with the EU, being subject to EU Single Market laws and regulations? So making the rest of the economy more competitive? And easier to create jobs and increase productivity and pay?

Are you pro-EU or pro-EFTA?

  1.   Prosperity, domocracy

If the UK was in EFTA Single Market + Opt Outs (immigration) now, instead of the EU Single Market, would you vote in a referendum to join EU Single Market with no Opt Outs? Would you increase EU contributions from £3 billion a year to £11 billion a year and remove free student education and maintenance grants and impose tuition fees of £9,000 a year, leaving students in £35,000 debt? Would you give up UK control of 100% of it’s economy, run a trade deficit, exporting jobs and giving tax revenues to other countries, allow uncontrolled immigration, wages kept down, living costs rising faster than wages rises?

Or would you prefer to stay in EFTA Single Market + Opt Outs (immigration), with free higher education, with students having no debts, giving new Eastern Europeans a 1 year working visa, after which they return or have a points skills system allowing them to stay longer. Have real wages rise by over 2% a year, above inflation, similar to the 1980s. Smaller class sizes, shorter waiting lists at hospitals. Control of fisheries, agriculture, home affairs, justice, asylum and more. Single Market regulations only affect 9% of the economy allowing lower business costs.

If you feel EFTA Single Market is more for you, then you are with the majority opinion, according to polls, with one poll showing:

71% = EFTA Single Market

29% =EU Single Market

The switch to the off-the-shelf EFTA, can quickly revitalise the UK economy and allow the UK to be a role model of democracy – be the change in the world, by setting an example of liberty, prosperity and representative democracy.

For more information on EFTA see

In the upcoming referendum there is also an opportunity for the UK to be a moderate country once again and also a role model for other countries and transforming dictatorships, leading by example. This is with choosing to Leave the EU, and upgrading to democracy, the fastest way is by switching from EU Single Market to joining EFTA and remaining in the Single Market, with Opt Outs for immigration control. A win-win agreement with self-government.