Invoke Democracy now:- After Brexit – reimagining sovereignty

Meeting on 13th September

featuring Gisela Stuart in conversation with Professor Frank Furedi on

Sovereignty, populism and European culture.

The discussion will explore the principles of national and popular sovereignty and how they can be positively applied to the post-Brexit era.

Gisela Stuart served as Chair and leader of the Vote Leave Campaign Committee and since September 2016 she has been the Chair of Change Britain, Vote Leave’s successor organisation. She was Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston before stepping down at the snap General Election.

Frank Furedi is a prolific author of titles including ‘On Tolerance’, ‘Moral Crusades in an Age of Mistrust’, ‘What’s Happened to the University?’ and ‘Authority’.

In Furedi’s new book Populism and the European Culture Wars: The Conflict of Values Between Hungary and the EU, he argues that the EU Establishment has succeeded in distorting both the true meaning of populism and of the principle of national sovereignty.

He argues that there are fundamental principles at stake in what he has called the “European Culture Wars. These are:

  • The Principle of National Sovereignty- the key point at issue in debate surrounding Brexit. This principle upholds national self-determination; the right to determine policies – internal and external – that affect those living within the borders of a nation.
  • The Principle of Popular Sovereignty – democratic accountability and control exercised through representative institutions. This affirmation of this principle is particularly important in our time when the right of people to decide their future is often dismissed as at best naïve and at worst a form of populist demagoguery
  • The Principle that European Culture and Civilisation matters. In practice the EU regards the legacy of Europe as a burden that should be left behind. Yet without this legacy Europe is left disoriented and insecure.

Frank Furedi and Gisela Stuart will discuss what is at stake in this cultural conflict and how these principles can be positively applied to the post-Brexit era.

Afterwards Frank and Gisela will respond to points and questions from the floor.

Copies of Populism and the European Culture Wars, will be available to buy on the night.