The divorce Bill to the electorate

This letter, written by CIB Committee member Michael McGough, appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 22nd November 2017.

SIR – I hope that the Prime Minister and her team will be able to justify any “divorce bill” paid to the EU.

Sums must not be plucked from the air, but fully justified and audited. Most of the information upon which to calculate this payment is readily available. Our share of EU assets must be fully accounted for at our exit.

This is not an auction, but an orderly departure. We will pay what is due, but no more.

Michael McGough

Last night’s vote:- a step towards freedom

We will leave it to others to provide a blow-by-blow account of the progress of the second reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) bill through Parliament. Yesterday saw the start of eight days’ scrutiny of the Bill by the House of Commons. The vote to repeal  the 1972 European Communities Act was comfortably passed by 318 votes to 68. Calls for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to have a veto over the process were rejected by 318 votes to 52.

Mrs May’s plan to enshrine in law 29th March 2019 as the date on which we leave the EU was debated but was not voted on. This could prove a bit more of a challenge when the vote takes place next week, particularly with some 15 Tories indicating they were likely to vote against this amendment.  The Daily Telegraph created something of a storm by referring to these 15 as “mutineers.”

Tory MPs on both side of the Brexit divide have sought to distance themselves from the Telegraph‘s rather strong language while some of the group of 15 have accused the Telegraph of bullying.

As always, when feelings run high, it is vital to differentiate between genuinely obstructive remoaners and MPs who are not seeking to block Brexit but are uncomfortable with the way the Government is going about it. We would not wish to make any comment beyond repeating that whatever side Tory MPs took in the referendum campaign, the number of hard-core remainiacs is actually quite small. Most Tories know that delivering a successful Brexit will determine their future and they must sink or swim together.

Meanwhile, each successful vote takes us one small tiny nearer to freedom. In the present chaotic climate, we must be thankful for these small mercies.

EU bolshiness has converted a remainer into a leaver!

With thanks to Rev Philip Foster for spotting these two letters in the Daily Telegraph.


At the referendum, I voted to remain in the EU. However, after seeing how some of the European leaders and bureaucrats have behaved towards Britain, like petulant children who have had their ball taken away, I am now totally convinced that we should leave the EU.

A J C Gorman, Ickenham, Middlesex

This letter appeared on 3rd May. The previous day, a very interesting letter was printed, written by a German now resident in Switzerland:-


Since German unification – about which Margaret Thatcher was rightly very sceptical – the EU has ever more succumbed to the will of a nation that is obsessed with the idea of a Reich. What we are witnessing now is the latest attempt in the form of the German usurpation of an EU that will eventually morph into the Fourth Reich.

For a German of a certain age like myself, this is painful to experience, and one can only hope that the Fourth will last even less time than the Third.

Heinrich Wenzel Randogne, Valais, Switzerland


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