Remoaners use ridicule to try to reach the ‘yoof’ vote.



It is interesting that most of the marchers on 23 June seemed to be of the older generation! Open Britain claimed 170,000 supporters for their People’s Vote petition – 1% of the actual Leave vote. It wasn’t on the government website with independent verification, and the petition webpage seemed to show multiple signatures and a lot of foreign names.

To overturn the referendum result, crank Remoaners howl “Let the people have their say”. Hypocritically when Leave media reps are interviewed on College Green, cranks try to disrupt the show for viewers and effectively stop people having their say.

Unable to accept democracy, a Remoaner tactic is to try to link Brexit with the negative – “hate crime”, “no NHS”, Trump, (uncheckable) long term forecasts of doom and gloom.

When we got comments putting the record straight over job fears on a key local paper website, soundbite addict Remoaners were reduced to retorting “You’re a Putin bot”.

Article produced by Brian Mooney of Resistance

Q: Just say it is late 2018. Britain and the EU have just agreed a Withdrawal Agreement (WA) with us largely under EU control until 2021, losing existing voting power. The future relationship declaration is non-committal. Would there be a second referendum?



Sacked minister Justine Greening wants a complicated referendum with 3 options – accept the deal, leave with no deal or remain in the EU. Voters would also get a second choice! Sammy Wilson MP responded that voters had already had referendums to reject the EU and Alternative Voting!

BIRDS OF A FEATHER? Greening (Times) and Mandelson (Guardian) both urged a second referendum, but their articles made the same error on being unable to influence EU rules. As former Trade Commissioner Mandelson would know better – this points to their articles being orchestrated.

The government wouldn’t want a referendum. Apart from splitting the Conservative Party and reviving deep public tensions from 2016, it would take up precious Parliamentary time. Organising a poll and appointing official campaigns would be on impossibly tight timescales unless the Brexit date was put back.
The uncertainty might not actually appeal to the EU either! Bureaucrats in Brussels are overloaded with trying to get EU legislation through while the current European Parliament and Commission are still in place and would not relish the possible disruption to their preparations and extra work. However, it was noted that EU leaders quietly agreed to keep MEP seats for Britain in the event that we did not leave before July 2019!!! So, the possibility can’t be ruled out.

The EU (Withdrawal) Act doesn’t repeal the European Union Act 2011 until we leave the EU, but as current plans won’t give the EU new powers, no referendum should be triggered.

It’s a hard call how MPs would vote on the WA. Most Leaver MPs would probably vote for it to ensure Brexit, salving their consciences that it is only a temporary deal and their vote keeps Jeremy Corbyn out of power. Although Tory Remoaners will bawl “worse than EU membership”, they typically fall into line in practice.

With their 2017 manifesto preaching the benefits of the Single Market, Labour MPs might think twice about voting down legislation that kept Britain in it. On balance, a soft Brexit would probably get passed.

Greening’s line that “the final decision” should be for the people and “out of deadlocked politicians’ hands” is a joke. The deal being voted on is only interim (Transition) and the final deal should be ready towards the run up to the 2022 General Election.

Article produced by Brian Mooney of Resistance

The big march in London – Second anniversary of the Brexit vote


       SATURDAY 23RD JUNE, 2018

Set off from Carlisle Place at 2pm Carlisle Place is round the corner from Victoria Station, and will continue to Horseferry Road,  which brings you out to Lambeth Bridge.  The March will then continue down Millbank alongside the river to Parliament.  So if you would rather meet halfway, take a look at the route. Main march to Millbank near House of Lords people should be at Victoria for 1pm.

If you are unable to walk that length by the river towards Parliament, then please join us further along the route or meet at the  House of Lords where there will be speeches.  17 speakers including Gerard Batten, Anne Marie Waters, Robin Horsfall ex SAS  and Janice Atkinson, MEP and some surprise speakers to be announced on the day.

Bruges Group event – the future of Britain and the EU

The Future of Britain and the EUThe Bruges Group spearheaded the intellectual battle to win a vote to leave the EU and, above all,
against the emergence of a centralised European state.

Bruges Group Meeting
Tuesday, 19th June
6.45pm for 7pm
Brexit: the Future
The challenge, the opportunities and delivering a real Brexit

With the speakers; Nadine Dorries MP, Graham Stringer MP & Dr Ruth Lea

The speakers;
Nadine Dorries MP
Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire, novelist and broadcaster

Graham Stringer MP
Labour Member of Parliament for Blackley and Broughton and scientist


Dr Ruth Lea
Author, economist and broadcaster


£10 payable on the door or in advance
Including wine, orange juice, mineral water and nibbles

To purchase your ticket visit:
Or call Robert Oulds on 020 7287 4414
or reply to this e-mail

Alternatively, click here for a form to book your place

Lectures: 7pm – 8pm
Discussion: 8pm – 8.30pm
Wine and refreshments: 8.30pm – 10pm

Princess Alexandra Hall, Royal Over-Seas League
Over-Seas House, 6 Park Place, St James’s Street
London SW1A 1LR

Click here for more information

Fisheries Brexit Meeting and Debate – Lowestoft

This Friday (the 16th) a seminal, high profile Meeting and Q&A session is being held in Lowestoft hosted by BFP Eastern.

From 1200 in The Orbis Centre, Wilde Street, Lowestoft, NR32 1XH

Local MPs, UKIP Fisheries Spokesman Mike Hookem, Director of the Marine Management Organisation Phil Haslam and local Councillors will all be in attendance.

FFL has been at the forefront of leading the industry and highlighting the major issues regards Brexit.

After successfully attending a previous invitation to Lowestoft in October, Fishing for Leave have been kindly invited to attend and look forward to outlining and answering questions on our position.

We look forward to showing the way ahead and taking on the NFFO in a debate regarding Brexit and the future of the industry.

This event will be one of the major policy debates on an industry that will be one of the acid tests and key players in Brexit.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Further details 07827 399 408