Brexit the Move – watch it for free

The Campaign for an Independent Britain was one of the sponsors of this film and it received only its second public showing at our AGM on 14th May.

You can watch it for free here. So far, nearly 2.4 million people have watched it on line.

Still worth mentioning to people who do not understand what the EU project is all about or are unconvinced that life is far better on the outside.

CIB Annual Rally – Saturday 14th May

CIB A4 Flyer Inster for Newsletter April 2016-page-001


two Parliamentary Veterans of the 1972 Debate
which took  us into the EU by a mere 8 votes will also be speaking

Forty four years on and still fighting!

There is no charge for this event, but a collection will be taken up to cover the costs.



Brexit: the move premiere

Brexit: The Movie’s Gala Premiere will take place at the Odeon, Leicester Square on the evening of Wednesday 11th May. The Odeon is the UK’s largest cinema with capacity for 1,683 people and the venue for virtually every major Hollywood film’s UK premiere.

It is intended that the Gala Premiere will be a high-profile event that will generate significant and favourable press and social media awareness of not just Brexit: The Movie but the Leave campaign as a whole.  

Tickets can be purchased  at the standard price of £20 each: at

(Final timing to be confirmed)