One obstacle to Brexit removed

With news in the last few days being dominated by a clutch of opinion polls suggesting that the result of the General Election may not be the foregone conclusion many assumed, one positive Brexit development may have slipped under the radar.

On Monday, a legal challenge to Brexit in the Irish High Court was dropped. The campaign was led by a British barrister, Jolyon Maugham QC, who managed to raise some £70,000 in the space of 48 hours last December. He was aided and abetted by Green Party members Jonathan Bartley, Keith Taylor and Steven Agnew.

The objective was to establish that Article 50 can be revoked and the campaigners were hoping that their case would be referred from Ireland to the European Court of Justice. The case was opposed, however, by the Irish government, and yesterday Mr Justice Peter Kelly, president of the Irish High Court, struck out the case at the request of both Ireland and the plaintiffs.

In addition, the sheer length of time required for this procedure ever to reach the ECJ, along with the substantial extra costs involved were factors in their decision to give up. “The advice we have received only this week from the senior member of our counsel team is that we would be very unlikely to obtain a reference to the Court of Justice from the High Court,” said Mr Maugham.

We still have a long way to go before we are finally out of the EU, but here is one small mercy for which we can be thankful.



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  1. Adam HileyReply

    go to the electoral calculus website for a real outcome of this unwanted general election it says Tories on course for 369 seats why Yougov predicted a win for Corbyn is staggering the Man is a complete absurdity

  2. robin lambertReply

    I think Although June could become the End of may,she will win a majority of 40-50 seats.
    3.8m UKIP votes 50% likely to vote tory 20% Labour. see Britain elects & Poll of polls.

    Corbyn,May,Farron,Sturgeon,Wood,Bartley ALL seem incapable of basic mathematics,there is No ‘magic Money Tree’….Quantative Easins Since June 2008 £425billion has devalued Our savings & enriched the Top 1% like
    Gina Miller( ,hedgefund prioptress & trying to unseat Brexiteer of 43 years Kate Hoey no chance in Vauxhall).
    her Corporate Mates,Richard Branson &George Soros(who is ,Currently being investigated by US anti-trust for trying to ”Fix” Gold market) are trying to Overturn June 23 Result of 2016,even though 481 constituencies & 17.4m
    Voted Out,leave….
    I am ONLY leave Candidate in 4th most ‘Remain’ Constituency in Uk After Richmond,Cambridge,Oxford
    ie Dulwich/West Norwood.
    .A lot calling themselves ‘Independent are spoilers but as UKIP is only standing in third of London,hopefully it wont swing seats?
    Watch SW Surrey where ‘Remain’ Jeremy Hunt could be unseated by Dr.Louise irvine of national health Party.
    ukips best hopes Are Clacton.P.Oakley .South Thanet,now Craig mackinlay face charges of Overspend in 2015, & Stoke Central! Lib-dumbs Could lose Carshalton&Sutton T.Brake,Richmond&Kingston Sara Olney lying about Heathrow & her husband being involved in Terminal 5 &avoiding questions on Talkradio,
    so Wish me luck only 3,250 votes to Avoid losing my deposit in Dulwich/W.N

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