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Thatcher letter re maastricht

If anyone still believes the “remain” side will play fair, a couple of newspaper headlines in recent days should be sufficient to dispel such illusions.

Firstly, Charles Powell, Lady Thatcher’s private secretary during much of her time in Downing Street, claimed that she would have backed David Cameron’s renegotiation and voted to stay in.

Bill Cash MP has rebutted that claim by producing a letter she wrote to him making it clear she would not have signed the Maastricht Treaty (See above), which meant that she therefore would have taken the UK out of the EU. If Maastricht was a step too far for her, therefore it is inconceivable that she would have supported keeping the UK in the EU under the terms agreed by David Cameron and Donald Tusk, which accept the further integration to which successive UK governments signed up with the Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon treaties.

Now David Cameron, following in the steps of Hilary Benn, has raised the spectre of the Russian Bear. Mr Putin would be delighted to see the UK leave the EU, so we are to be warned. It would “weaken Europe”.

If Benn and Cameron’s alleged fears are based on military concerns, they are unfounded. Firstly, let’s be clear: we are wanting to withdraw from the EU, not Nato. It’s the all-important alliance with the USA which has helped maintain stability in Europe and given the reluctance of most EU member states to spend much on defence, it’s the organisation including a country prepared support its military that will count in the years to come if Mr Putin needs to be kept at bay.

Furthermore, within the EU, the UK has been the biggest foot-dragger when it comes to the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy. It’s the usual story. While our leaders insist they want our country to remain an EU member state, they disagree with the other member states over the question of defence, just as they don’t want us to join Schengen or adopt the Euro.

Only today, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin expressed his enthusiasm to proceed with further integration within the Eurozone, declaring our country will get “no veto, no mechanism” – in other words, no special deal to protect the City of London. On so many issues, they want to go one way, we want to go another. Although the other countries don’t want us to go, our presence actually makes the EU weaker. Our departure is therefore likely to delight Mr Putin far less than the scaremongers would have us believe; in fact, it probably won’t bother him one way or other.

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John Petley

John Petley

John Petley is Operations Manager for Campaign for an Independent Britain

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  1. Phil JonesReply

    There’s about as much chance that Lady Thatcher would have voted for the UK to remain an EU province in the coming Referendum as there is that she would have laid out part of her pension savings to buy the bridge extending between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Charles Powell is either a total fool or a hypocrite, and in either case it’s truly disgusting that he dares to speak on behalf of Lady Thatcher. She made many wise decisions but hiring this man wasn’t one of them..

  2. Gordon WebsterReply

    Russia does not, and never has, posed a threat to the West. Michael Swanson’s book “The War State,” makes it perfectly clear that Cold War One was an invention of what he calls “The Iron Triangle,” – of Administration, Weapons Manufacturers and Chiefs of Staff in the US. Pre WW2 America never had a Standing Army, but WW2 gave the IT power which it refused to give up. They therefore invented Missiles and Nuclear Warheads (as in Saddam Hussein) which they never had. They did not have a missile which could reach further than Central Europe, and didn’t have a Bomber which could get close to America but, knowing that, the IT wanted to start a Nuclear War to annihilate Russia knowing they would retaliate against Central Europe. Mr Swanson also makes the interesting point that JFK was shot two days after signing the Non Proliferation Treaty.
    Add to that books by Atkinson such as “Into The Fire,” and “ISIS IS US,” by four American authors and one Syrian lady, then you can begin to see where the danger to the world comes from – and it isn’t Russia. Other observers – a reviewer of “ISIS IS US,” – states that The US has a list of nine countries for Regime Change, with only Iran, and possibly Russia, to go.
    Atkinson and a Ukrainian writer point to the CIA, Brussels, German and British Agents being in the Ukraine to splash the cash for the revolt which removed the Pro Russia President. It is also interesting that the Nazi Division, The Nachtigal (Nightingales) are reformed and their Regimental Badge can be seen at Ukrainian National Football Matches. Another new book “The War Against Putin,” by MS king has just come out on Kindle and I look forward to reading it. “Why Are We The Good Guys,” asks David Cromwell in his book? I really haven’t a clue, because nothing could be further from the truth.

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