We are militarily unsafe within the EU

A letter from our President, George West, to the Leicester Mercury

Shirt-sleeved Prime Minister Cameron is touring our country trying to kid us all that we are safer within the European Union.


Does he never learn from history? Has he forgotten the Falklands war? Has he forgotten NATO? Has he forgotten the Commonwealth troops coming to our aid in the past?


We were betrayed by two of our European Union “allies” during the Falklands war.The French sent a team of technicians to tune and prime five French Exocet missiles they had sold to Argentina. Without those technicians, those missiles would have remained harmless.


The missiles were used against our navy and soldiers. HMS Sheffield was hit ( 20 British killed). Two missiles were launched against HMS Glamorgan hit (13 British killed). Another missile hit our supply ship Atlantic Convoy (12 British killed). Other British sailors and soldiers were left injured and disfigured by our EU “friends” and British families left to grieve.


If that wasn’t enough, the Belgians refused to supply us with artillery and small arms ammunition for the weapons that Belgium had sold to us.


I rest my case, Mr Cameron, when some of your friends become our enemies


George West

Photo by Ben Sutherland

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  1. Graham WattsReply

    It is clear the rest of Europe relies upon the UK heavily for its military capability as well as its intelligence services.

  2. Don KelsoReply

    We still have a large number of personnel in Germany which costs this country a large amount of money. If we were to withdraw all our personnel and equipment we could still support NATO but from Britain. This would release money for infrastructure, NHS and lots of other things. I also feel that Germany would not have been so quick to throw their weight behind the ”suggestions” that we should stay at the present terms agreed by Cameron if this scenario had been discussed.

  3. Gordon WebsterReply

    We must be unsafe in Europe. It has opened the doors to Islamic Militants with full warning from Europol and EU Security. It has done nothing to stop this flood, even though Farage warned them in The EU Parliament what the end result would be. Without full control of our borders this cannot be stopped. It really makes you wonder if The Kalergi Plan is perhaps not just another Conspiracy Theory, and are The Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs and Soros behind a lot of it.

  4. Nick LReply

    Not the most informed article I’ve ever read.
    Yes the French did have experts in Argentina who help the enemy.
    But if you are a true student of history, you’ll also know that the Americans refused to let us use their airbase on Ascension Island, and that the Israelis did everything they could to get arms to Argentina.
    The Americans to this day refuse to acknowledge our sovereignty of the islands.
    The EU issued a trade embargo on Argentina, the French in particular provided diplomatic support, helped to round up Exocets, gave full tech details of everything they’d sold and provided air support via Dhakar to the RAF. The Belgian story is incorrect, that refusal occurred in 1991 during the Gulf War.
    Whether you are are member of the in or out camp, if you are going to write articles then put your back into it, and get your facts right.

    • John Petley
      John PetleyReply

      This reply was sent by George West to Mr. Lester on 11th March:-

      Dear Mr Lester
      You were absolutely right to say I should spend more time checking facts especially rather than relying upon my memory after so many years.
      Acting on your advice despite being so short of time I have delved and searched Lords Hansard coming across 31 January 1991 re the Gulf war the occasion when ammunition was withheld and not the Falklands war.
      I had completely forgotten that it was not only ammunition failing to come from Belgium but also Tornado part from Germany. Hence my point to Cameron about not relying upon EU allies in times of war (if ever)
      To back up what I write Lord Mulley made the statement in the House about the failure to obtain Tornado parts from Germany “It raises further questions as to whether it is wise to become involved in European co-operative ventures where production is shared among the partners if de facto it gives each of the partners a means of a veto in each country”

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