Michael Gove’s Appointment – 200 mile Clarity Crucial

Fishing for Leave welcomes Michael Gove’s appointment as Secretary of State for Defra.

Press officer Alan Hastings said “FFL are happy given his family connections to fishing and his Brexit credentials and hope he does both justice”.

“Although Defra is not Mr Gove’s previous specialty his intellectual capacity should surmount not having had the Defra brief before, and we look forward to working with and engaging with him to bring him up to speed on one of the acid tests of Brexit”.

“Fishing can be a £6.3bn beacon of success for Brexit and can exorcise the betrayal by Edward Heath”.

“We must realise the opportunity to automatically repatriate all our waters and resources and to rejuvenate coastal communities with bespoke British policy that husbands our unique ecology, works for all fishermen and ends the policy of discards”.

“This opportunity cannot be squandered for the status quo to appease a minority of vested interests and the EU”.

FFL sounded a warning that, the deliberately ambiguous wording of the Conservative manifesto to describe the waters we will take back control of says those we have “historically exercised sovereign control. This deliberate choice of words can only mean out to 12 miles”.

“When international limits were extended to 200 miles Britain was already bound to the Common Fisheries Policy and therefore the EU automatically took control of our extended fishing limits”.

“Although the previous Secretary of State said the manifesto meant all UK waters Mrs Leadsom is now gone.

“It is now necessary for clarity and closure that Mr Gove and the Prime Minister commit to the entire UK EEZ out to 200miles or the midline”.

“We hope and wish Mr Gove every success in realising the opportunity for a triumph of Brexit and look forward to meeting with him to help ensure this happens”.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    Mr Gove’s appointment was one of Mrs May’s better judgements despite Her disastrous Campaign but to see that failed pygmy Gidiot Osborne putting the boot into May was a disgusting spectacle on Andrew Marr Her judgement in firing Osbourne was great, considering the Man doubled Our National debt and awarded His Friends the Banker Gangsters tax breaks whilst screwing the average Joe with tax rises keeping out Corbyn is vital for Our Future prosperity the Tories must keep May in Office for as long as possible until a replacement surfaces not nessecarily Boris Johnson though I dislike the LibLabConGreenSNPUKIP consensus support the Libertarianpartyuk.com & populistpartyuk.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Adam HileyReply

    We must not allow the Remoaners cause trouble the so-called single market is in terminal decline and the Commonwealth and Asian Markets are growing faster than the EU nowadays We must leave the whole EU & ECHR racket completely

  3. veraReply

    I agree with Adam Hiley and I would add that we must not contribute a single bean to the current EU project to squander billions of euros of EU workers taxes on rebuilding that hideous monstrosity the EU Parliament Building in Brussels since we will never need the use of it..

  4. Gordon WebsterReply

    Through his father, Gove knows more about Fishing than anyone else in Westminster. This is a very good move by a normally ill-advised Theresa May.

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