May admits coastal communities will be lost in transition

A press release from Fishing for leave

At PMQs yesterday (Wed 11th Oct.) Theresa May finally let the mask slip when asked a question on whether Britain would still be locked into the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) during a transition.

Before the House of Commons the PM stated that Britain’s fishing industry and coastal communities will once again be bargained as part of the agreement to gain a transition/implementation period.

“As part of the agreement we need to enter into for the implementation period, obviously that (CFP )and other issues will be part of that agreement”.

Fishing for Leaves Alan Hastings raged “It is appalling that the establishment won’t even make a stand on fishing when it is such an “acid test” of whether we’ve taken back control – after being sacrificed to join it looks like Britain’s fishing and coastal communities will be sacrificed on leaving too”.

“It’s sickening that it is not for any benefit but to cravenly gain a transition period that will only leave this country prostrate at the hands of the EU”

Fishing for Leave highlighted that under international law Article 50 confers a clean slate on March 2019 where all EU treaties and law ceases to apply – taking Britain cleanly out the CFP and leaving the country free to make our own laws and deals.

“A transition has been spun as part of a gentle unwinding during leaving – IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT”

“Legally Britain leaves the EU at the end of the Article 50 process in March 2019. A transition period isn’t part of leaving but part of a future deal with the EU”

“Therefore, a transition is only within the EUs gift to give and on their terms – this puts Britain at the EUs mercy – we will have taken back control in March 2019 only to give it straight back to the EU in a transition deal – its madness”.

This was confirmed by Michael Barnier on the 21st September. That any transition past the Article 50 cut-off date can only happen if the UK effectively re-joins the EU to get it.

”I would like to be very clear: if we are to extend for a limited period the Acquis of the EU, with all its benefits, then logically this would require existing Union regulatory, budgetary, supervisory, judiciary and enforcement instruments and structures to apply

Alan Hastings fumed “Barnier has made it crystal clear – the only way the EU will give a transition is if it is entirely on their terms. Where Britain continues to obey all current and future EU law but has no say or input over them – it’s a worse position than being members – perhaps that’s the point!”

“Consequently, they can demand continuation of the CFP – most worryingly they can alter the rules to cripple and finish what is left of the British fleet so they clear the sea of the British industry”

“What Mrs May and her remain sycophants are doing just now in their desperation to Remain with the EU is prostrating Britain in regulatory purgatory as they hope to keep kicking the can down the road – lost in transition comes to mind”

“They are putting not only the fishing industry but the nation in a grave position at the EUs mercy”.

“Unless the political establishment wants to self-destruct when the public realises what they have done they must take back full control in March 2019”.

The campaign for an Independent Britain would like to point out that, while fully sharing Fishing for Leave’s concerns about Mrs May’s statement, it does not believe that this damaging transitional arrangement is anything more than a figment of her imagination, as we pointed out here.
We would also wish to thank Heather Wheeler MP for her comments on this press release. She said “This is a complete nonsense and wrong. We are giving notice on fishing and we are taking back our fishing limits and quotas.” CIB is seeking further information and clarification from ministers and any replies will be posted in due course.  Mrs Wheeler was a staunch supporter of Leave during the referendum.



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  1. John AshworthReply

    It might seem obvious, but leaving the EU is the opposite of joining the EU, and when we agreed our accession treaty, there were, as they are with all accession treaties, transitional arrangements for certain subjects in order to get from A to B in an orderley fashion. as it can’t be achieved overnight.
    But I don’t believe this is the case we have presently, while the Prime Minister has said we leave the CFP end of March 2019, that need not be the case, as it can be any time during the implementation period, as described during the Exit Committee session yesterday.
    HMG are making everything confused, nothing is clear, and one fears the worst,as mixed messages go out.
    I feel this extra time is being sought, and there is no obligation for the EU to give it, because so much time has been lost already. That two years extra is going back into the EU, with no UK input. We will be worse off than before, and until HMG come clean and say where this extra time is taking us, because no one will say where, then, as has happened so often in the past, you simply can’t trust our side.
    The whole Brexit subject is becoming a shambles, and it wll get worse before it gets any clearer. One bonus point in our favour is Gove, he is the only person in Government that can save the day, and thankfully he covers 3 important EU competencies

    • Jason BReply

      John, have just been reading again your interesting booklet ‘The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing to the European Union’. This latest news proves it is all what is expedient for the EU and my biggest fear is after what happened to Greenland on their three year exit way out (and they warned us last year), is that our Fishing waters will be used as a bargaining chip. We must protest, protest.

      • Jason BReply

        By coincidence, I have just noted on the UKIP web (I am not a Ukip member) that Mike Hooken the UKIP Fisheries spokeman, also expressed two days ago the same sentiments and suspicion about the government using the fisheries as a bargaining chip. It will be a very serious situation. We are, I believe as a nation, 70% self sufficient on food – could our dependence on another 30% food imports be a way the EU saying we will do a fisheries deal for you to get your the 30% you need ?

  2. StevenReply

    Looks like the ONLY part of the EU we WILL be leaving on supposed ‘exit day’ is having the right to send representatives to Strasbourg ie our MEP delegation. HOW UTTERLY CONVENIENT from the Tory Party’s point of view in that they get rid of UKIP as a potential dangerous rival for Tory-inclined voters and voters in the largest component part of the United Kingdom ie England outside of London will have no further experience of using proportional representation at elections which the Tories hate as they don’t like the principle of fair votes (though hypocritically they DON’T have a problem with it it for the Welsh Assembly and especially the Scottish Parliament!).

    This betrayal of our fisherman adds further insult to injury to the original one in 1972/1973 that Ted Heath engineered in order for us to join the Common Market. It’s bad for the fishermen but it also raises the prospect of a possible revival for the SNP. It is notable that North Eastern Scotland was inclined to vote Tory until Ted Heath came along and then the area started to turn to the SNP. This has only recently begun to unravel but this sell-out may well cause the SNP to gain support there once again.

  3. Adam HileyReply

    it is becoming obvious We need to take matters into Our own hands and immediately withdraw from both the EU & ECHR now get rid of the useless political parties

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