The Leave Alliance publishes Brexit monograph 13

The Leave Alliance, of which the Campaign for an Independent Britain is a member, has produced a further Brexit monograph: International Quasi-legislation and the eu

Alternatively, a full list of monographs can be found on this page of the Leave Alliance website.

Précis of this and all other monographs can also be found on the CIB website

All are well worth reading, setting out some of the issues we will need to face when negotiating our exit from the EU.

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    there must be a movement to make this dreadful Government listen or resign if that is the case it doesn’t mean the UK will get Comrade Corbyn and the odious John McDonnell Diane Abbott etc Labour is finished as a Party if the Remoaners can keep marching then Why not true Patriotic Britons Theresa May cannot be allowed to continue to dither any longer

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