Germany will never, ever pay more than now for NATO

This post originally appeared in the Raedwald blog. The author lives in Austria but originally hails from Norfolk.

Many of us will have grown up with the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) – either as serving soldiers or like myself as army brats. There was a time when Gütersloh, Fallingbostel or Sennelager were more familiar to us than Slough, Reading or Peterborough. The BBC even had a forces radio programme, and knowing at least half a dozen BFPO numbers was par for the course. Well, BAOR disappeared without notice in 1994. The 25,000 remaining troops in Germany became BFG, now down to about 4,000 and scheduled to pull out completely by 2020, almost exactly in line with Brexit.

The change came with the fall of the wall in 1989. Before then, our lads were to play a vital role in forming a heroic but utterly pointless sacrifice in holding up the Soviet advance through Germany to France for about 72 hours. Then we all thought it an essential sacrifice. Now we wonder, why bother? Perhaps France and Germany would be better off under Russian rule. Why shed British blood in their defence?

When Trump abstained from the traditional annual G7 offering of American blood in Germany’s defence last week he too must have felt the same. Germany has been financially raping Europe for thirty years, sitting on a vast pile of gold as she threatens, bullies and manoeuvres others to pay for everything, like some nightmare dining partner endlessly disputing the division of the restaurant bill.

Turkey is now a Salafist terrorist nation and belongs nowhere near NATO. In bullying the Netherlands into ignoring the veto of the Dutch people and extending full EU privileges to Ukraine, the EU has just given Putin another poke with a sharp stick. The UK will find it hard to mobilise even 6,500 troops – we need a standing army of 100,000 to put an adequate force in the field. Germany’s armed forces are to all purposes entirely useless. Amidst the ruins of NATO (and oh yes it’s now finished in all but name*) there’s only France to defend the EU.

Merkel may gamble that she’ll get away with it, and perhaps she will. But without British and American wealth and blood to pay for it. We’re done.

*Also proving the rule that corporations are most likely to fail at the point at which they open a spanking glossy new multi-billion dollar HQ
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  1. Adam HileyReply

    as President Trump says Nato is obsolete Britain should no longer keep Our troops in Europe protecting their sorry ungrateful backsides the Yanks are even getting sick of doing so We must not allow the Terrorists Friend Corbyn into Government go to the Electoral Calculus webite

  2. James AlbionReply

    I did my National Service with the Royal Fusiliers in Iserlohn, BAOR starting in 1950. We did live ammo exercises at a huge tank training centre near Sennelager ……..I remember the whole battalion being on the parade ground at Iserlohn and being informed things were getting difficult with Russia and fighting might erupt at any moment and we might have to break up into Guerrilla groups until reinforcements arrived. That is how close it came

    As a matter of interest I swam for the regiment. Also for the local German swimming club The Iserlohner Schleddenhof swim verein, at an event at Dortmund..under the watchful eye of Willie Schulter.

  3. David LinneyReply

    How quickly some of the older generation forget how tense and dangerous the situation was throughout the Cold War. Sadly the younger generation know little if anything about it and probably even less about the two major conflicts of the 20th century which shaped the Country we are today. NATO kept the fragile peace throughout the Cold War period. Today it is toothless and one does have to question if we and the Americans should come to the defence of mainland Europe again. We seem to have little thanks for doing so in the past.

  4. Gordon WebsterReply

    If UK Column News is right, and a European Army has actually been set up, the NATO is finished. It makes sense of some of Trump’s pronouncements, and Fallon’s obfuscation. Parliament has not been told, not debated this momentous move, and we have been lied to about a Euro Army controlled by Germany and France. It puts Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent in a dubious position, since the US still retain a great deal of control over that.
    We live in strange, dangerous and uncomfortable days, where our Elected Representatives deliberately and consistently lie to us, and not necessarily for The Commonweal.

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