Fisheries Part 6 – an exemption to the repatriation of the acquis

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  1. Gordon WebsterReply

    According to TheVienna Convention on The Law of Treaties (Article 2 I believe), surrender or loss of Sovereignty may not form the part of a Treaty, so our obligation to International Law must be decided on which part of International Law we honour. I realise that The European Communities Act was passed before the VCLT was signed, but the others which have followed, and did involve surrender of Sovereignty, such as Lisbon, Nice and Maastricht were not. The Accession Treaty was forced into Law on Royal Prerogative, and The European Communities Act was forced through Parliament on a Fait Accompli argument, which it most certainly was not. Heath was warned by Lord Kilmuir that he would be breaching British Constitution and Law, but pushed on regardless, winning himself The Charlemagne Award and tens of thousands of pounds. Surely our Parliament and Government owe their first Duty of Care to our own Laws, rather than those of the Foreign Government in Brussels, and International Law which is breached on an almost daily basis when it suits governments.

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