European Union: The rival plans

In order to have a clear understanding of what the EU referendum is about, here is noted the comparatives of David Cameron’s ‘British’ model proposals side-by-side with the Leave Alliance’s proposals for future UK-EU relations.EU The Rival Plans-page-001Whether or not David Cameron gets the other EU states to agree to any of his proposals, there is overwhelming advantage in the ‘Leave Alliance’ model which is entitled ‘Flexcit’. You can access the latest version of this document here.

This can briefly be described as an initial move to the position of Norway and Iceland with continued participation in the Single Market through membership of EFTA and the EEA. UK relationships with the EU institutions will change from voluntary subordination to a supranational set of institutions to a model of independent countries co-operating inter-governmentally. This is the model of all other countries in the world outside the EU.

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Anthony Scholefield

Anthony Scholefield

Anthony Scholefield is Director of the Futurus Think Tank

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  1. david bartropReply

    The saying “Once bitten twice shy” comes to mind re voting for EU. I will vote to come out . Listing EU regulations that affect the common man, like the 50 mph limit on M1 from junction 28 going North for 21or so miles will help focus minds.UD3V

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