EU bolshiness has converted a remainer into a leaver!

With thanks to Rev Philip Foster for spotting these two letters in the Daily Telegraph.


At the referendum, I voted to remain in the EU. However, after seeing how some of the European leaders and bureaucrats have behaved towards Britain, like petulant children who have had their ball taken away, I am now totally convinced that we should leave the EU.

A J C Gorman, Ickenham, Middlesex

This letter appeared on 3rd May. The previous day, a very interesting letter was printed, written by a German now resident in Switzerland:-


Since German unification – about which Margaret Thatcher was rightly very sceptical – the EU has ever more succumbed to the will of a nation that is obsessed with the idea of a Reich. What we are witnessing now is the latest attempt in the form of the German usurpation of an EU that will eventually morph into the Fourth Reich.

For a German of a certain age like myself, this is painful to experience, and one can only hope that the Fourth will last even less time than the Third.

Heinrich Wenzel Randogne, Valais, Switzerland


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  1. Adam HileyReply

    We all make mistakes including Remainers even better the EU will meet it’s end sooner rather than later

  2. Adam HileyReply

    what cannot be allowed is the EU’s tactics of turning all the European Countries against each other and against Britain the people of Europe are not the enemy numpties like Drunker Juncker and the gormless Tusk are

  3. veraReply

    Good to have a German affirm what I have long thought. Thank you. Trouble with Britain is we have had a long period since 1066 without being invaded or taken over and we have become complacent thinking it can never happen to us whereas other European countries have suffered far more conflict and upheaval. Hopefully now it won’t happen to us, at least not this time.

  4. Gordon WebsterReply

    If the interviews on normally pro EU British TV are anything to go by, then the two Gentlemen above are in ever growing company. Germany’s plan since its formation in the 1870s has been total domination of Europe. The denazified Germans, who took over the running of Germany after the last war, wanted Britain beggared, while Mitterand said when asked how he wanted Britain, that he “wanted Britain naked.” Sarkozy said, “Britain must not be allowed to be strong and prosperous ever again.” They have tried their level best to ensure that Britain was to be a suppressed vassal state.

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