Our closest friends would like to see an historic wrong righted

Now we are leaving the EU, Brexit provides an opportunity to put right an historic wrong which goes back many years.

Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders and other ‘subjects of the Queen’ are still treated as foreigners when they visit the UK. Whereas our membership of the EU has required us to submit to the EU’s principle of free movement of people, Australians and Canadians, among others, have to apply for a visa.

The Australian Monarchist League has urged Theresa May to address this historic wrong. “Mrs May forgets that many citizens of the Queen’s Realms are domiciled in the UK and have a vote as do many people with relatives and friends in these former British nations”, said a spokesman for the organisation. “It is about time Britain undertook to resolve this situation now.”

The Australian Monarchist League is considering an advertising campaign to make this an issue in the forthcoming election. Philip Benwell MBE, the national chairman, is already in London for meetings with British and European MPs and others to urge that there be established a special entry gate for those countries, such as Australia, who have the Queen as their head of state. He is not suggesting special visa allowances but merely arguing that those from the Queen’s Realms be treated with dignity and not as aliens.

The biggest obstacle Mr Benwell and others have faced in their 20-year campaign has been the negativity of supporters of EU membership in this country. With our country now about to begin the great divorce from the EU, the time is surely right to address this issue.

Mr Benwell will be one of the speakers at the Campaign for an Independent Britain’s annual rally in London on 29th April.

Photo by Tamsin Slater

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    Our real allies not the European Union or the USA We must strengthen ties Economically Culturally and Militarily I have always been dismayed at the Way the Australians Canadians and New Zealanders are treated whilst Conmen from Eastern Europe just waltz in

  2. StevenReply

    ESPECIALLY, the USA, Adam Hiley. The American government has a long history of trying its best to undermine this country. The worst instance of this was during WW2 when they supposedly provided ‘help’ at a HUGE COST to us and LONG-TERM PROFIT for them ie one of their demands was to dismantle the Empire. Unfortunately, we had the half-Yank Winston Churchill as PM in 1940 instead of Lord Halifax who, I am sure, would have been more wise to the USA’s ulterior motivations for their ‘help’. Then, after WW2, with Britain ruined, we had Eisenhower who threatened us with a run on the pound over Suez.

    I really do wish our politicians would get themselves some functioning braincells at long last with respect to the American government. There IS no ‘special relationship’ between us and the US in governmental terms. America only has two ‘special relationships’ in the world ie with itself and with Israel.

    Even the Germans are more friendly towards us in some respects!

    • Adam HileyReply

      I wholeheartedly agree with you Steven, We need to ditch the Yanks leave NATO IMF World Bank all American run trade and co-operation is all that is needed

  3. IanReply

    Many years ago now I was dismayed on returning to the UK after a few years working overseas to see the signs at the border now reading “British and EU passport holders this way” and “Other passports this (long) way” having been used, before my overseas sojourn, to seeing “British and Commonwealth Passports” in the fast track. I felt that our leaders had estranged our natural family members without asking; there had been no consultation between Joe Public and the Policy Makers – whoever they were. Who gave anyone the right to do this, I wondered. To me it was a complete betrayal of our natural ties to our cousins in the Commonwealth – our allies in war.
    The first thing our government should do is to make amends, make sure that Commonwealth citizens, and especially Canadians, Australians and Kiwis enjoy free visa free entry to the UK. Their youngsters should be able to work here (perhaps for limited time), and pre-EU trade deals re-joined.

    • Adam HileyReply

      I would rather get rid of the failed 3 parties but We have make sure this Tory Government learns to respect and welcome Commonwealth People here and treat them with respect and not fawn other European & Yankies

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