Our Referendum Review exposes Cameron’s latest “deal”


As some of the details of David Cameron’s draft agreement with European Council President Donald Tusk have been published today, the final page of our Referendum Review underlines how poor a deal it will be.  Of course, it is only a draft agreement. It has to be agreed by the other 27 member states at the forthcoming European Council, something which can by no means be guaranteed. However, even in draft form, Cameron’s proposals are nothing like as substantial as what he initially claimed he would be seeking, nor as ambitious as the Conservatives’ promises in their election manifesto. The Conservative MP Steve Baker said what was on offer was so trivial, he accused ministers of “polishing poo”. He is correct. As the chart in the Referendum Review shows clearly, there is no substantial change in our unhappy relationship with the EU. We would do far better by leaving.

Lord Stoddart said today:-

“It is quite obvious that in his haste for a rapid public relations victory, the Prime Minister has allowed himself to be fobbed off with vacuous promises that amount to little or no substantial change and abandoned most of the key commitments he has previously made.”

Lord Stoddart continued:  “So many things are missing from this ‘deal’ that I hardly know where to start.  We were promised that we would regain control over social and employment policy, we were promised an opt out of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, we were promised an end to the EU overriding our common law, we were promised an end to the rulings of the European Court of Justice taking precedence over our criminal law, we were promised treaty changes before the referendum, and reform of the CAP and of EU structural funding.  None of these things appear in this so-called deal.

“Mr Cameron has not even been able to put an end to child benefit being sent abroad to support children who will never live in this country, something about which he was particularly passionate.  The best he has been able to achieve is for the payments to reflect local living standards rather than those prevalent here but the point is that large amounts of money will still be siphoned out of our economy and sent as well as spent abroad.

“It is particularly humiliating to see the Prime Minister begging for our freedom in so many areas and being treated with such contempt by the EU.  If he expects the British people to vote to stay in the EU based on this watery brew, then he is taking the electorate for fools.  If this deal is a victory for Britain, I would hate to see a defeat.”

Referendum review – spread the word!


Our latest Referendum Review contains a number of  excellent articles by some members of the CIB Committee, along with a piece by John Ashworth of Restore Britain’s Fish, whose excellent series of articles on the destruction of our fishing industry written for our website are in the process of being converted into a single booklet.

Members will be receiving a hard copy of the Referendum Review in the next few weeks, but we would encouurage everyone to download the pdf version, which can be printed off free of charge and to forward this article or the pdf to their own mailing lists. The more the word gets out, the more we can do knock down David Cameron’s pseudo-renegotiations before he has the chance to engage in the choreograped charade convincing voters that he has solved our problems with the EU. Both he and his renegotiations need to be exposed as the frauds that they are and this leaflet is an invaluable tool to prove the point.

Government criticised for ‘ridiculous’ pride in spending £5.8 billion in foreign countries

The Press Office of Lord Stoddart of Swindon

(Independent Labour)                                                                                          

News Release

29th January 2016


Government criticised for ‘ridiculous’ pride in spending £5.8 billionof taxpayers’ money on fighting climate change in foreign countries


The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has sharply criticised the Government for its ‘ridiculous’ pride in sending £5.8 billion to foreign countries to tackle climate change.  Lord Stoddart was reacting to a written answer he received from the Government about how any financial commitments it had made to help foreign countries at the Paris Climate Change Conference, would be met.

Replying for the Government, Baroness Verma, from the Department for International Development said:  “The Government will provide £5.8 billion over the next five years to support developing countries using the UK’s International Climate Fund (ICF), which is channelled through DFID, the Department of Energy & Climate Change and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.  All ICF support is Official Development Assistance (ODA). The UK is proud to be a 0.7% donor and is promoting climate smart development across the aid portfolio.”

Lord Stoddart said:  “The Government’s pride in spending £5.8 billion at allegedly human induced climate change issues in foreign countries is ridiculous when you consider the under-funding problems we face in our own country, where hospitals and schools are buckling under the strain and the police are closing police stations all over the UK and leaving it to the public to report crime via the internet! The scientists are still fighting over whether human induced global warming actually exists but here we are throwing vast sums of money at it.

“To help developing countries, surely it would be better to spend the money on providing infrastructure to help them feed themselves and on supplying medical support.

“At some point, I hope the Government will realise that it has shot itself in both feet by insisting on spending 0.7% of GDP on overseas aid, which means that every time the economy does well and there is growth in GDP, taxpayers have to fork out even more money for sending abroad.  In other words, we penalise ourselves for doing well!”

The full text of Lord Stoddart’s question and the Government’s response, is as follows:

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether the financial aid commitments made by them to foreign countries at the Paris Climate Summit will be met from the overseas aid budget, or from which other sources; and what safeguards will be put in place to ensure that the funds provided are used exclusively for the purpose intended. (HL5147)

Tabled on: 18 January 2016

Baroness Verma:

The Government will provide £5.8 billion over the next five years to support developing countries using the UK’s International Climate Fund (ICF), which is channelled through DFID, the Department of Energy & Climate Change, and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. All ICF support is Official Development Assistance (ODA). The UK is proud to be a 0.7% donor and is promoting climate smart development across the aid portfolio.

We have rigorous programme design processes and robust monitoring and evaluation arrangements for ODA spending, including the ICF. We also use independently reviewed methodologies and key performance indicators to track impact and the value for money of ICF interventions. The Independent Commission on Aid Impact gave the ICF a positive assessment in December 2014, saying it was well on the way to achieving its ambitious objectives.

The critical path out of the EU

This latest briefing from Futurus analyses the critical path to leave the EU. It concentrates on two areas. These are, winning a referendum and organising an effective and beneficial departure.

These require a clear aim and a clear plan, taking account of existing legal agreements and political realities.

(We normally display these articles in full on the CIB website, but due to the length of this piece, it needs to be accessed as an attachment)



EU NO Campaigners to launch Coventry campaign

Members from the main four political parties  planning on supporting the ‘OUT’ campaign in the forthcoming referendum on the UKs Continued membership of the EU; will launch their local Referendum Planning Group in Coventry on the 19th of August in a bid to persuade local Coventry residents to vote NO. The meeting’s theme “A Referendum is not an Election – How to win it and How to lose it”  will be addressed by Edward Spalton Chairman of the national cross party Campaign for an Independent Britain and the group’s local organiser Derek Bennett(contact [email protected]) followed by a short video and Q&A from attendees.
Speaking ahead of the meeting Edward Spalton said ‘’let’s be honest. The truth is that there is no point complaining about many of the issues facing Britain today unless we first address the real problem – Britain’s disastrous membership of the European Union.  We’d all be better off out.  Contrary to many statements by business leaders, we do not need to be part of the EU’s political structure to have access to the Single Market. Much of the regulation which comes to us via the EU is actually made by global bodies, like the United Nations, World Trade Organisation etc. Britain’s membership of the EU actually keeps us off the “top table” and without a voice at these bodies which really shape world trade. It is in the wider world where trade is expanding, not in the declining, inward-looking EU. The economies of Eastern EU countries are being massively weakened by the large scale emigration of their skilled workers”
He added that, following the Conservatives’ election victory in May 2015, various Euro sceptic groups had been getting their act together and that his own CIB was stepping up its activities locally in preparation for the referendum on EU membership which David Cameron has promised to hold before the end of 2017. Pronouncing that the CIB organisation is fully committed to playing a role in the “no” (i.e., the “Out”) campaign in the West Midlands.
Local organiser Derek Bennett, who is co-ordinating  the upcoming meeting, commented that in the Coventry and surrounding area his new group would be working flat out right up to polling day. ’’We will have leaflets to deliver, street stalls to man, dinners, public meetings, and door to door canvassing to arrange – in fact everything you would expect of an election campaign’’ and pleaded with interested members of the public or those wishing to learn more about how Britain would be better off out the European Union to attend its inaugurak meeting , which will be held at
7.00 pm on Wednesday 19th August at Coundon Social Club, Shorncliffe Road, Coventry CV6 1GT.

Photo by Nigel’s Europe & beyond