Volunteers wanted!

Are you willing to be the contact for others in your town and/or county for handing out leaflets or co-ordinating local activities. (We intend to publish a list of local contacts on the website.)

If so, please e-mail us with your name, e-mail and/or telephone number.

ALSO: if you are a fluent Welsh-speaker, we’d love to hear fom you. Our popular 5 Mistaken assumptions leaflet has been translated into Welsh by a kind volunteer, but we would like it to be proof-read before printing it and attempts to locate a qualified Welsh-speaker able to check it through have so far been unseccessful.

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In or out? The sixty-minute plain-speaking guide to the EU Referendum

James Bacon has published  a new book called “In or out? The sixty-minute plain-speaking guide to the EU Referendum”

The book is aimed at the undecided in the hope that, once they see the arguments/benefits on both sides laid out side by side, they are likely to support withdrawal in the forthcoming referendum.
To find out more about the book, please see this video clip.
If you would like to order copies, the link to the appropriate page on Amazon may be found here.

The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing – Booklet still available

Readers who appreciated John Ashworth’s excellent series of articles on the Common Fisheries Policy will be delighted to know that the eight pieces he wrote for this website have been edited into a single booklet, which is now available free of charge (although any contributions would be greatly welcomed).

If you live in near a fishing port, it will be a particularly useful booklet to distribute, but even if you don’t, what has happened to our fishing industry is not a one-off story, atypical of European Union behaviour. This well-researched and hard-hitting account of the destruction of our fishing fleet by government ministers and civil servants epitomises everything that has been wrong with our membership of the EU and provides a very powerful reason as to why we must leave the EU.

Even with the referendum vote behind us, this booklet is still well worth a read and copies are still available.

Please contact us by e-mail or by ringing 0845 519 7254 if you wish to order copies.

A pdf download is now available here.

CIB and other leave campaigns – a statement by our Chairman

Following the publication of a front-page story in the Express over the weekend, I would like to restate our position to clarify any confusion.

We are happy to work with anyone to secure a ‘Leave’ vote, and welcome the support of all groups – but the Campaing for an Independent Britain has not merged into or endorsed any single group to become the official ‘Leave’ campaign in this referendum.


Our organisation was founded to achieve the goal of leaving the European Union. We are thankful that many millions of people throughout the country share this objective and will continue to seek to work with other like-minded people and groups to achieve this noble end.

Our Referendum Review exposes Cameron’s latest “deal”


As some of the details of David Cameron’s draft agreement with European Council President Donald Tusk have been published today, the final page of our Referendum Review underlines how poor a deal it will be.  Of course, it is only a draft agreement. It has to be agreed by the other 27 member states at the forthcoming European Council, something which can by no means be guaranteed. However, even in draft form, Cameron’s proposals are nothing like as substantial as what he initially claimed he would be seeking, nor as ambitious as the Conservatives’ promises in their election manifesto. The Conservative MP Steve Baker said what was on offer was so trivial, he accused ministers of “polishing poo”. He is correct. As the chart in the Referendum Review shows clearly, there is no substantial change in our unhappy relationship with the EU. We would do far better by leaving.

Lord Stoddart said today:-

“It is quite obvious that in his haste for a rapid public relations victory, the Prime Minister has allowed himself to be fobbed off with vacuous promises that amount to little or no substantial change and abandoned most of the key commitments he has previously made.”

Lord Stoddart continued:  “So many things are missing from this ‘deal’ that I hardly know where to start.  We were promised that we would regain control over social and employment policy, we were promised an opt out of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, we were promised an end to the EU overriding our common law, we were promised an end to the rulings of the European Court of Justice taking precedence over our criminal law, we were promised treaty changes before the referendum, and reform of the CAP and of EU structural funding.  None of these things appear in this so-called deal.

“Mr Cameron has not even been able to put an end to child benefit being sent abroad to support children who will never live in this country, something about which he was particularly passionate.  The best he has been able to achieve is for the payments to reflect local living standards rather than those prevalent here but the point is that large amounts of money will still be siphoned out of our economy and sent as well as spent abroad.

“It is particularly humiliating to see the Prime Minister begging for our freedom in so many areas and being treated with such contempt by the EU.  If he expects the British people to vote to stay in the EU based on this watery brew, then he is taking the electorate for fools.  If this deal is a victory for Britain, I would hate to see a defeat.”