Brexit’s business supporters speak out as the Clunking Fist hits the road

Recent polling is looking encouraging for the “leave” campaign and one significant boost is that some people, although concerned about the economic impact of of Brexit,  still want us to leave.

However, three significant businessmen have expressed their support for Brexit. Sir James Dyson put it bluntly:- “When the Remain campaign tells us no one will trade with us if we leave the EU, sorry, it’s absolute cobblers. Our trade imbalance with Europe is running at nine billion a month and rising. If this trend continues, that is £100bn a year.”

Equally forthright is Lord Bamford of JCB. He sent the letter below to all his staff. “Do I wish to remain in an EU of diminishing importance as it moves towards ever-closer union? Or do I want us to pull out of the EU, reclaim our sovereignty and regain control of how we trade with Europe and the world?” he asks.

 A more unusual way of showing support for Brexit has come from Jeremy Hosking of Marathon Asset Management.  Mr Hosking, who has donated £500,000 to the leave campaign, owns 13 steam locomotives, 10 of which either already are or will eventually be registered to run on our main lines. Tomorrow,  the Referendum Express, hauled by No 46100 Royal Scot, owned by Mr Hosking, will run from Crewe to York. On board will be a number of well-known Brexit campaigners and if you want to wave them on their way, the timings for tomorrow’s run, which is routed via Warrington, Accrington and Hebden Bridge, can be found here.

It is unfortunate that the aptly-named Britannia (seen departing Salisbury in 2011 in the image above)  is currently under repair, but we can be confident that Royal Scot will not be emblazoned with any figures about how much we pay to the EU every week on the side of its boiler!

Talking of Scots, Gordon Brown has been invited by David Cameron to “relaunch” the remain campaign  – an admission of his failure to sell “Project Fear” to voters. Will the great Clunking Fist deliver the goods for Remain, just as he as credited with turning the Scottish independence referendum campaign round 18 months ago? He has never enjoyed much popularity south of the border and with good reason. After all, this was the man who raided our pension funds, wrecked our economy and was too ashamed to join in the public signing of the Lisbon Treaty after having refused to grant the electorate a referendum.  Thankfully, with such as CV, it is hard to imagine that he will prove any better an ambassador for the EU than his successor.

JCB Bamford letter

Brexit the Move – watch it for free

The Campaign for an Independent Britain was one of the sponsors of this film and it received only its second public showing at our AGM on 14th May.

You can watch it for free here. So far, nearly 2.4 million people have watched it on line.

Still worth mentioning to people who do not understand what the EU project is all about or are unconvinced that life is far better on the outside.

Postal votes for Expats – make sure you register!

If you live overseas, are eligible to vote in the referendum and want to do so (hopefully to leave the EU, please!) do make sure you apply for your postal vote in time.

UK citizens in Spain, one of the more popular destinations for expats, must register by next Monday (16th) as this article points out.  Residents of other countries need to check what the deadline is where they live. it is likely to be pretty soon.

Photo by Karen_O’D

Some helpful research and training videos from the Bruges Group

Emergency Exit by Marcus Watney

It isn’t going to be sufficient to grumble about how incompetent, dictatorial and corrupt the EU is. We are going to have to show convincingly that outside the EU we will be more free and more in control of our own lives; that freedom is something to be positively desired and pursued, and that liberty is priceless and so cannot be measured in pounds and euros.

We need to focus the debate on exactly how the new co-operative alignment of sovereign states that eventually replaces the European Union is likely to be structured. Only then will people stop obsessing over whether it is safe to leave the moribund EU, and begin to take departure for granted. Thinking and debating where you are going is always more exciting than mulling over where you have come from.

This paper is a comprehensive critique of the EU and a look at what can be once we are free. It can be downloaded here.

Videos to help activists

These short videos are intended as a training tool for speakers on the front line. hey are to equip team leaders with quick ways to express the ideas we all fell – and ot give pertinent facts and figures that you can readily deploy.
Some are a look at serious issues in a new way; others look at campaigning, offering useful information in an accessible format.  The full selection can be accessed here.

EU vs EFTA surveys – can you help?

Hugo van Randwyck,  a long-standing advocate of the UK rejoing EFTA, has conducted a number of  opinion polls in conjunction with the Bruges Group, making the case for EFTA membership as a better alternative than being stuck in the EU. Polls conducted so far have shown that EFTA is far more popular than the EU with the electorate once the two alternatives are clearly explained.

A PR campaign is planned in the run-up to the referendum as it is believed this could help swing the vote in favour of withdrawal. However, this will require funding.

If you would like to contribute,  please click on this link.


Volunteers wanted!

Are you willing to be the contact for others in your town and/or county for handing out leaflets or co-ordinating local activities. (We intend to publish a list of local contacts on the website.)

If so, please e-mail us with your name, e-mail and/or telephone number.

ALSO: if you are a fluent Welsh-speaker, we’d love to hear fom you. Our popular 5 Mistaken assumptions leaflet has been translated into Welsh by a kind volunteer, but we would like it to be proof-read before printing it and attempts to locate a qualified Welsh-speaker able to check it through have so far been unseccessful.

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