Betty Simmerson RIP

Mrs Betty Simmerson has recently died aged 92 but will never be forgotten.  She and her husband, Reg, were among the first fighters against the United Kingdom joining the EEC and their consistent and active opposition heartened and inspired others to support the fight and to join it.  When Reg died, Betty continued to campaign for our withdrawal from what has become the European Union  and she supported The Campaign for an Independent Britain and many other organisations fighting for the freedom to govern ourselves.  We should all be glad that she lived just long enough to see her own consistent efforts  and those of others, including Reg, to regain the freedom to govern ourselves supported by the British people. Our country is now on the road to recovering its sovereignty so cavalierly sacrificed by successive parliaments since 1973.

Betty will be missed by all who knew her and she has died as a heroine of the great and successful campaign to get our country back. During the Second World War Betty nursed wounded servicemen returning from battlefields on occasions, she told me, severely burned or with intestines hanging out. At night she would be on the roof of her London hospital with a stirrup pump putting out incendiary bombs fires. She is remembered for the occasion when she aimed and hit Edward Heath with brown paper bags filled with flour at a Common Market meeting in Caxton Hall and was dragged away to be interrogated by Scotland Yard. She sold her grand piano to take activists to Belgium to demonstrate against Heath as he signed the treaty taking us into the Common Market and was thrown into prison because Heath had ordered no demonstrations should be allowed to spoil the occasion. Looking like everyone’s favourite grandmother, Betty was truly a British patriotic through and through.

(Photograph shows George West, CIB’s then Chairman, presenting an award to Mrs Betty Simmerson on 4th April 2009 at the CIB Annual Meeting in London.)


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  1. robin lambertReply

    I met Betty at Nov 1999 the Kensington &chelsea byelection which saw ukip gain 404 votes.Michael Portoloos return.
    She also leafleted with me in Ealing North in April 2005,When I stood & beat Veritas against the odds.
    Her husbands Letters in ”Leicester Mercury” in 1971-73 inspired myself as much as tony Benn’s,Barbara Castle,Eric Heffer’s opposition to then ‘Common market’
    This has been a bad time for me,as My fantastic Sister died on October 4 suddenly.
    However I find deaths bring the best & worst out of Humans!!

    RIP Mrs Betty Simmerson

  2. martin cruttwellReply

    What sad news. I only met Reg and Betty once years ago and went to their home, which was full of anti-market stuff.

    They were of the best English material, like those friends of mine of the West Country Anti-Common Market League. One of our gallant crowd threw a flour bomb at Weston-super-Mare and hit Heath. When Nigel Farage spoke in Bath during the campaign I asked him to mention all those anti-marketeers from the West Country area. He replied that he could not as there were too many people who did their bit but in his reply he mentioned Reg Simmerson in particular. I am fighting on too, though 76 now. My current battle is “The Party System and the Corruption of Parliament”, because without the party system Heath could not have gained a “majority” which gave to him the power to betray us. Please visit my website and help to expose the party system.

    RIP Betty, REG and all my friends.

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