Our EU exit fee - realism and extortion

How much – if anything – should we pay on leaving the EU? This will be one of the first issues to be addressed by the new government once Brexit discussions begin. A number of sources within the EU have said that until a figure is agreed, there  can be no discussion on a trade […] Read More »

Rejection of Theresa May's little Englander 'Brexit' is splendid news

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. This article first appeared in the Daily Telegraph. For liberal, free-market Brexiteers, the election shock is a gift from Mount Olympus. We are dancing cartwheels and quaffing our sparkling Kentish wines. Theresa May’s plummeting star is an entirely unexpected chance to refashion British withdrawal from the European Union along different lines. It […] Read More »

Michael Gove's Appointment - 200 mile Clarity Crucial

Fishing for Leave welcomes Michael Gove’s appointment as Secretary of State for Defra. Press officer Alan Hastings said “FFL are happy given his family connections to fishing and his Brexit credentials and hope he does both justice”. “Although Defra is not Mr Gove’s previous specialty his intellectual capacity should surmount not having had the Defra […] Read More »

Some crumbs of comfort

One person who must feel vindicated by yesterday’s election result is former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He resisted calls for snap election soon after becoming leader in 2007 and although he was defeated at the General Election in 2010, this morning he may well be considering that he could have met with the same fate […] Read More »

Criminal Justice - further reasons to distance ourselves from the EU

On the day that voters in the UK go to the polls, the European Council has announced that 20 member states have agreed on the details for setting up the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.  (It is easier to list the non-signatories: Ireland, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands plus, of course, the UK.) Plans […] Read More »

EU security and counter-terrorism control after Brexit

Dominic Grieve, the Conservative Chairman of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee, argues that the UK must retain membership of the EU’s law enforcement agency (Europol) after Brexit, even if this means “accepting EU rules and judicial oversight for the European Court of Justice (ECJ).” This is not real Brexit and nor will it make […] Read More »

The biggest losers

Following Mrs May’s response to the London Bridge terrorist attack, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, posted a tweet saying that “Mrs May is happy enough to tolerate the extremism of the Brextremist Lie Machine newspapers spewing hate day after day.” Several newspapers picked this up, expressing horror that Islamic State-supporting terrorists should be […] Read More »

The miller's tale - a series of reminiscences

EPISODE 1 – Early intimations. “Shades of the prison house begin to close upon the growing boy” – Ode on intimations of immortality from recollections of early childhood by William Wordsworth. We moved into the countryside from the house next to the mill in 1950 and our old home became offices and a laboratory for […] Read More »

Germany will never, ever pay more than now for NATO

This post originally appeared in the Raedwald blog. The author lives in Austria but originally hails from Norfolk. Many of us will have grown up with the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) – either as serving soldiers or like myself as army brats. There was a time when Gütersloh, Fallingbostel or Sennelager were more […] Read More »

Defence issues - concerns to put to candidates

We have produced questionnaires on the subjects of fisheries and civil liberties which were available for anyone wanting to raise issues with their candidates during the General Election campaign. Although we will not be producing a similar questionnaire on defence issues, there are a number of area of concern, which have been highlighted by Veterans […] Read More »

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