European Council authorises the start of Brexit talks and adopts negotiating directives

Below is an official press release from the European Council. Brexit talks are expected to begin in earnest during the week beginning 19th June according to Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator. This will be shortly after the UK General Election The Council, meeting in an EU27 format, adopted a decision authorising the opening of Brexit […] Read More »

Macron's victory may create more problems than it solves

Emmanuel Macron campaigned for – and indeed, won – the French Presidential election on an unashamedly pro-EU platform. His victory was greeted with huge sighs of relief across the Continent. Rather ironically, however, his enthusiasm for the Single Currency and indeed the European project as a whole may have the opposite effect, as John Stepek […] Read More »

Where do your candidates stand? (1) Civil Liberties

QUESTIONS EVERY CANDIDATE SHOULD ANSWER Whatever the party manifestos may say, the finer points of a future Brexit settlement are by no means done and dusted, regardless of the makeup of the next government. The Campaign for an Independent Britain will be producing a few questionnaires for you to mail to all your prospective Parliamentary […] Read More »

Conservative Manifesto – PM May Fail on Fishing

19th May 2017 Release: Immediate Words: 700 (+300 extra) Contact: Alan Hastings 0782 739 9408 Fishing For Leave is incredulous over 4 specific words in the Conservative manifesto which indicate the government will only take back a tiny slice of UK water out to 12 miles! Analysis and scrutiny of every word is key in […] Read More »

EU unemployment could be higher than the official figures

A study by the European Central Bank has suggested that the real level of unemployment in the European Union may be higher than the official figures.  If the numbers of underemployed and unemployed people in the Eurozone are added together, it apparently amounts to between 15% and 18% of the total workforce. France and Italy […] Read More »

What if we had lost?

It’s now over 10 months since the referendum. After the initial euphoria at the result, we enjoyed a brief and well-deserved break before plunging in to the next campaign – ensuring that we end up with the best Brexit deal possible. With Article 50 now triggered, however, the negotiations about to begin in earnest and […] Read More »

Brussels' provocations

By Horst Teubert German business associations are calling on the EU Commission to end its Brexit provocations. A disorderly Brexit would entail enormous costs for the German economy, the President of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) warned; therefore an amicable Brexit agreement with London must be reached. The Federation of German Industries […] Read More »

Customs Union: from Zollverein to irrelevance

By Ian Milne Preamble Orwell’s Nineteen Eight Four came out in 1948, less than a decade before the official birth of the European Community.  In Orwell’s vision, three totalitarian super-states, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, were perpetually at war. The European Community was – is – merely the latest version of the chimera of a single […] Read More »

EU bolshiness has converted a remainer into a leaver!

With thanks to Rev Philip Foster for spotting these two letters in the Daily Telegraph. Sir, At the referendum, I voted to remain in the EU. However, after seeing how some of the European leaders and bureaucrats have behaved towards Britain, like petulant children who have had their ball taken away, I am now totally […] Read More »

Silliness or spite?

The latest antics of Jean-Claude Juncker, the Commission President, will do nothing at all to improve the atmosphere for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. In a speech in Florence, he claimed that “slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe.” He then switched into French and drew applause from his audience of EU officials, local […] Read More »

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