Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos on US/Russia tensions

Anyone attending our annual rally last April will have heard the former Greek Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos describe in graphic detail the problems his country still faces.

Those who appreciated his speech may be interested in his comments about the current tensions  between Russia and the USA. Click on this link and you will be able to follow his take on the current tit-for-tat, which provides a welcome contrast from the reporting in the mainstream media. The Ambassador’s comments begin about four minutes into the video clip.  He is very critical of what he sees as an unnecessary move by the new US administration and makes the very valid point that modern Russia is poles apart from the old Soviet Union, but some people don’t seem to have woken up to this reality.


Photo by FolsomNatural

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  1. Adam HileyReply

    sadly the arrogant out of touch Western Political class doesn’t realise the Soviet Union has long vanished the Tony Blair’s and the Jean Claude Juncker little Emmanuel Macron Angela Merkel & John McCain’s of this World still think it is 1989

  2. Gordon WebsterReply

    The CIA make no secret of their methods to bring down sovereign governments. Unconventional Warfare, Colour Revolution and Hybrid War are all in books you can buy from Amazon, and the US War State have been practising their black arts since they made The Shah ruler of Iran. The latest news in the Express, is that Mrs May will hold back £1 billion from Overseas Aid, and Mr Johnson will spend £700 million on “Soft Attacks,” on Russia – Soft Attacks being shorthand for Colour Warfare.
    Vladimir Putin threw The Rothschilds and Foreign NGOs (Brussels, The UN and Soros) out of Russia, and they have been after his blood ever since. According to people like Rodney Atkinson, Mr Putin has a very very high popularity rating in Russia, so you can guess where Mr Johnson’s attacks will be aimed.

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