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Welcome to the Campaign for an Independent Britain. Our organisation was formed in 1969 as a cross-party coalition to oppose the UK’s entry into Common Market in 1973. Although we were unable to prevent this happening and did not succeed in reversing that decision in the 1975 referendum, we have continued to maintain that the UK should withdraw from what has now become the European Union. On this website, you will find not only much evidence to support our position but considerable analysis on how best to achieve a seamless withdrawal after being trapped for over 40 years in this mistaken political project. We are an umbrella group financed by members’ subscriptions and supporters' donations with an elected executive of up to 14 members, some of whom represent affiliated and associated eurosceptic organisations with which we work to obtain our common objective of regaining our freedom.


  • Rise up? Throw up more likely!

    Politicians rely on people’s short memories and none more so than Tony Blair, who must rate as one of the most deceitful, despised characters ever to have been Prime Minister. So his recruitment to the Europhile cause, trying to get people to “rise up” and overturn the democratic decision to...
  • The power of the pen…..

    …..or I suppose we should say word processor today! Correspondence with local papers is one very effective way in which independence campaigners can keep their cause before the public and pressure on the politicians to deliver their promises. Editors like a controversial letters page and, it is said, that this...
  • The London Convention and the future for UK fisheries

    Time is not on our side. The acid test of whether ”Brexit means Brexit” is Fisheries. While there is no doubt that competency will return from Brussels back to Westminster when we leave, there is a real danger that the Government will run a parallel CFP in everything but name,...
  • That BBC Documentary

    As a post script to our piece last week discussing the problems which the EU is currently facing, a number of people have drawn our attention to Katya Adler’s documentary “After Brexit: The battle for Europe“. The BBC has been in the firing line of groups like the Campaign for...
  • The dark shadow of David Cameron hovers over Westminster

    Finally, after a long battle over various proposed amendments, a vote following the third reading of the European Union (notification of withdrawal) Bill saw it passed by 494 votes to 122, a majority of 372. This is slightly down on the 384 majority in last week’s vote, mainly due to...


  • Keep up the pressure – MPs mustn’t wreck the Article 50 Bill

    Reliable sources suggest that up to 27 Tory MPs may join with some Labour MPs, the Lib Dems and the SNP to cause as much trouble as possible for Mrs May in her attempts to reach the March 9th deadline for triggering Article 50 and beginning the Brexit Process. Although...
  • Some holiday reading – free of charge!

    With the festive season approaching, readers with a bit of time on their hands may like to download some recently published papers, articles and newsletters. If you do not subscribe to the Euro Realist bulletins, here is December’s issue, which contains some interesting pieces. Anthony Scholefield of the Futurus Think...
  • Tell your MP to vote for Brexit

    Today, the Supreme Court will begin considering the Government’s appeal against the decision by the High Court that Parliament should have a vote on the triggering of Article 50. The final verdict may not be announced until the New Year. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some 80 MPs, including most of...
  • Leaflets and booklets – update

    With the referendum now behind us, we are no longer sending out large bulk orders. However, we still have some booklets and a few leaflets in stock if you would still like order copies. You can also download them as pdfs. Please see the leaflets and pamphlets pages of our...
  • Brexit the Move – watch it for free

    The Campaign for an Independent Britain was one of the sponsors of this film and it received only its second public showing at our AGM on 14th May. You can watch it for free here. So far, nearly 2.4 million people have watched it on line. Still worth mentioning to...

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Campaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent Britain

7 Reasons to Leave the EU

It is not even really about the anti-democratic nature of having decisions made for you in Brussels. Today, for example, we learn that unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats want to prevent us from asking if those claiming benefits in Britain are entitled to them. No. The reason we need to quit the EU is even more elemental than all that.

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