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Welcome to the Campaign for an Independent Britain. Our organisation was formed in 1969 as a cross-party coalition to oppose the UK’s entry into Common Market in 1973. Although we were unable to prevent this happening and did not succeed in reversing that decision in the 1975 referendum, we have continued to maintain that the UK should withdraw from what has now become the European Union. On this website, you will find not only much evidence to support our position but considerable analysis on how best to achieve a seamless withdrawal after being trapped for over 40 years in this mistaken political project. We are an umbrella group financed by members’ subscriptions and supporters' donations with an elected executive of up to 14 members, some of whom represent affiliated and associated eurosceptic organisations with which we work to obtain our common objective of regaining our freedom.


  • George West

    Don’t undo democracy – a letter from our President to the Leicester Mercury

    The beaming photogenic chairman of Loughborough Lib Dems (First Person 17th May) started his column by referring to the roots of the EU that are actually the cause of subsidence and collapse of democracy. The “great work of democracy” to which he refers was undone at the stroke of midnight...
  • 3628654852_5a1f26bbcc_EFTA

    Scrapping student fees on withdrawal – an appeal to younger voters?

    We need to engage younger voters in the referendum on leaving the EU. One argument which may appeal is that taking the EFTA option would allow us to scrap student fees. Firstly, for the benefit of those who are not aware of EFTA, is is the European Free Trade Association...
  • Anthony Scholefield

    Opinion polls – are they accurate?

    An analysis of some recent polling by our Vice Chairman Anthony Scholefield has thrown up some interesting points. The poll, by ICM was conducted between 13th and 15th May and consisted of two parts – on-line and by telephone. The former showed a slight lead for “leave” but the latter...
  • Rev Dr Peter Mullen

    Project Fear and the antidote

    New deceptions every day Tell us we shall have to pay Billions if we do not stay In the wretched European Union.   These liars, tell us, who are they? Cameron, Osborne, Theresa May Apparatchiks in the pay Of the wretched European Union.   They warn us: “Brits, be very...
  • 9300976032_2cab2d0988_Jean-Claude-Juncker

    Frustrated ambitions and unwelcome legacies

    The latest in the fear barrage from the Government and its friends is George Osborne’s claim that Brexit would lead to a year-long recession. We have already pointed out here, a selection of economic data from previous political “divorces” show they actually had the opposite effect and we have good reasons...


  • e032b4062ef01c3e81584d04ee44408be273e4d61fb7144294f8_640_lamp-posts

    Posters in public places – a few guidelines

    We received a complaint recently about a poster which had been attached to “street furniture” at a roundabout. Not only is this unlawful, but someone will be sent a bill to cover the cost of removing it and if any such literature bears our imprint, that could be us! In...
  • 5929558175_51afe31493_Pound-coins

    Donations – Announcement

    CIB Ltd registered as a campaigner in the EU Referendum with the Electoral Commission on the 29th February this year. This enables us to spend more than £10,000 during the regulated referendum period of the 15th April to the 23rd June. The pre -eferendum period rules demand that we keep...
  • The Market Solution

    Flexcit downloads – update

    A revised version of the complete Flexcit document (now also called The Market Solution) can be uploaded here. An abridged version, consisting of only 48 pages – less than one eighth of the full version, has been produced. That can be downloaded here. Hard copies of the abridged version are...
  • ec30b8062ef31c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7dd1ab1154790f9_640_Envelope

    A message from our President to the electorate – trust your gut feelings

    An open letter to 23rd June 2016  EU Referendum voters.         At a meeting with a political journalist recently, I explained why the UK should leave the European Union. He told me that he wanted to believe everything I said but he felt that if someone who wanted to...
  • Restore Britains Fish

    The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing – Booklet now available

    Readers who appreciated John Ashworth’s excellent series of articles on the Common Fisheries Policy will be delighted to know that the eight pieces he wrote for this website have been edited into a single booklet, which is now available free of charge (although any contributions would be greatly welcomed). If...

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Campaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent BritainCampaign for an Independent Britain

7 Reasons to Leave the EU

It is not even really about the anti-democratic nature of having decisions made for you in Brussels. Today, for example, we learn that unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats want to prevent us from asking if those claiming benefits in Britain are entitled to them. No. The reason we need to quit the EU is even more elemental than all that.

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